august instagram dump

Here's august in a flash! This is my way of keeping track of all the progress I've made, the fun I've had, and the little things that matter the most to me. 

1. naked juice. new favorite.
2. "someone I love was murdered!" bumper sticker. odd.

We went to the local drive-in theater. Something I'm surprised we have for such a small area. I love the ambiance and the memories it conjures up. I remember going with Katie and her parents when we were young. We don't come often enough. Nurses got in for free so we only paid about $8 for Oscar [two movies]. Plus all that concession stand goodness.

4. a new yellow bottle opener to pick up on the cheeriness in the kitchen. 
5. a local taco truck. hubba hubba.
6. otis being adorable
7. charlie sleeping
Me. Blogging. Oscar is pretty sneaky. But I'm in love with this. I shall not stop!

9. coffee and lists. my mornings in general when im not working. 
10. maryssa at cracker barrel after a birthday shopping spree induced hunger strike
11. apple beer? yes, please. 
12. a banner made of flags for Katie's wedding.
13. crafting.
14. "caution: driver just doesnt give a $h!t anymore" sticker. 
Tree trimming at it's best. This represents a small small small portion of our stacked lumber!
16. babysitting nieces and nephews makes good birth control ;]
17. HGTV magazine, a movie, and a margarita to start off my staycation.
Homemade pizza. What's not to love? This happens at least once a week.
19. nutella frosting. mmmm.
I'm a sucker for his smile and adorable "splat" pose he always has going on.


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