DIY: herringbone wall tutorial

If you have arthritis, are impatient, and like your walls plain then by all means, stop now. But if you’re limber and willing to tough it out in the name of fun pattern, please continue. I first found this tutorial online while browsing the internets. I was over the moon in love. 

I consider myself pretty conservative when it comes to colors and pattern. In fact, until I found this, I never really thought about pattern. But now I think of herringbone all the time. At dinner, when on a date, in the shower. You name it. This is puppy love. 

Now, I tend to pin or save an abundant number of projects so I have to say I’m really proud of myself for actually doing one of them! Granted, if I would’ve known how hard it would be, I may have not gone through with it. But I knew what it would look like, and after you’ve used a whole roll of painter’s tape, you really don’t want it to go to waste. I think in all, I used 2-3 rolls.

After cleaning my walls, I started marking off every 17 inches at the top of the wall with a pencil. You can change the sizes but I wouldn’t recommend it unless your space is a lot larger or much smaller. The scale ended up being perfect for our hallway. When bringing the tape downward, I tried to place so the mark would be in the center of the tape. I also tried to keep it very straight as I went down. This was pretty easy. I then marked directly on the tape every 9 ½ inches down. Are you still there?

After that it was just marking from one point to the other going up or down one notch. I tried my hardest to keep the angle of tape the same with every line. It may or may not look like it but all of this was pretty exhausting. It was a lot of the same over and over and a lot of up and down on the ladder. If you have a tall person, rent them. 

I think just the taping took about 2 days. Mind you, it wasn’t all day each day but it was enough to make you a little unstable.

I then got one gallon of paint in light and dark beige each. The light paint is in flat and the darker beige is semi-gloss. I love the subtle difference. It’s not something you always notice, it has to catch the light just right. This took awhile too. It was just time consuming. Add in the work factor and it took me about 2-3 days. Therefore, I wasn’t able to take off the tape when it was still a bit wet. 

That last one is a photo I took of the light I re-did and you can see how it really depends on the lighting and time of day.

And a little side note: my stripes are white and you may have noticed that the tutorial’s photo had dark stripes. You can determine your stripe color and have the base painted that color. Mine was already white and I wanted the definition to be there so I left it as is.

But I love the way it turned out. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it suits me just fine. If I could do it over I would’ve primed over the tape job in order to seal it. There was very minimal bleeding [and this is after I was careful to press the tape to the wall]. I plan on touching it up but for now I am pleased. I’m tired just from writing this and am happy its over. It was all worth it in the end. 

Wait. Silly me. It’s not the end! In fact, that’s why I’m giving you this little flashback scenario. So you can be up to speed when I give you the updated version. I’m working on another hallway project so I wanted to fill you in on this one. I hope to have it posted by the end of the week but this rain may keep me from my goal. Wish me luck!

Here's the inspiration and the link up!


  1. That looks amazing and yes, the marking and taping off does look exhausting! But it sure did pay off for you! Great job!

    1. Thanks Jen!

      Every now and then I look at it with disgust at the mere memory of taping it. And then I remember it was worth it. :)

  2. Ok, this herringbone hallway is the bomb.com - seriously I love it! Your hard work definitely paid off! I have been considering painting some curtains using a herringbone pattern, this just might have inspired me!

    1. So glad you like it!! If I would've known how hard it was I still would do it again. Herringbone curtains are so pretty! I've had to stop myself from reusing the pattern throughout the house. I don't want people to know I have a problem :x


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