foodie friday: nutella frosting

Seriously. Isn't that all I need to say?

If you don’t like nutella, then just… try it again you nut. If you don’t know what nutella is, then you’re in for a world of amazing-ness. It’s a chocolate-hazelnut spread similar to the texture of peanut butter. And you can put it on anything. Graham crackers, toast, put it in a wonton and fry it, add it to cupcake batter, use it in a fudge, eat it off a spoon, slather it on your face while maniacally laughing…

Well, you get the picture. I’m head over heels in love with the European stuff. And I’m not the only one. It’s taken off big time in the states and you should be able to find it in any major retailer in the peanutbutterjelly aisle. So if you’re either a hazelnut or a chocolate fan, trust me. Go with it. Lose yourself in its goodness. Just don’t look at the nutritional label, mk?
So after trying many, many, frostings of the nutella and the non-nutella variety, I have arrived at the piece-de-resistance. The shiz-nit of all frostings. 

I’m not big on buttercream frostings and ones that use a lot of powdered sugar. If I can, I go for a cream cheese base. Brace yourself, ladies and gents. Cream cheese and nutella. And we can make this difficult and intimidating or we can make this silly simple. I’ll go with the latter.
You can use a stand or hand mixer. It doesn’t matter. Take a brick of cream cheese. Add a cup of nutella. I start with half a cup though and work my way up ensuring I get the balance I want. I usually end up sticking my finger in there several times, adding a bit more each time until I’m happy. But that’s up to you. How much tang and how much sweet. Youll notice it gets crazy-thick. This is where whipping cream comes in. I didn’t say this was a diet post, did I? Throw that calorie calculator to the side friends, and follow me!

cream cheese
whipping cream
I start with a small amount and keep mixing until I’m happy with the consistency. I make it thinner than I want because once I refrigerate it, the mix will thicken up more and make it harder to spread. It’s also ideal to spread at this time and then refrigerate your cupcakes. It’ll be hard to do so and keep it all pretty once it’s firmed up. Unless it’s just going from fridge, to frosting, to face… then it doesn’t matter. 

Now I’m gonna say something even crazier. I’m a big chocolate girl. I don’t really “get” you people who are all like, “eh I don’t really like chocolate that much.” Whatever. You’re lying and we all know it. Maybe you’re missing a gene?

However, with this frosting, I recommend yellow cake. I’ve had it with both and there’s just something about the combo. Maybe it’s because the yellow cake isn’t all jealous of the attention-getting nutella. He doesn’t mind being a wallflower for the sake of frosting’s fame. Sometimes you have to take a bullet for your buds. All in the name of baked confections.  We applaud your graciousness, yellow cake. Well done. 

Nutella Frosting:
8 oz cream cheese
1 cup of nutella, give or take
¼ cup whipped cream
Mix the first two together with an electric mixer. Add whipped cream until you reach a thinner consistency. Spread on cupcakes or cake and place in fridge. Consume in one sitting. 

Enjoy! And check up the link up's over at serenity now!

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