i framed a napkin and i liked it

How's that for a katy perry intro? I hope you appreciated it.
Allow me to introduce you to one of our gallery walls. 

Before, this was one blank wall with a small stand and tv in front. After searching high and low on Craigslist, we found these amazing glass cabinets that were $40 each. I still can’t believe we got such a great deal. It was also the first time that we strapped something on top of our cars. Talk about making me nervous! I don't get out much, obviously.

The cabinets seem to be from government offices [stamps on the back] and a mix of real wood, laminate, and glass. We removed basic brass knobs and inserted some glass ones I had picked up on the cheap, knowing I’d need them eventually.See? Hoarding is beneficial.

The left bottom box contains Charlie's toys and bones. Every time we open it up he browses like its a store, plays with one toy for a minute, then moves onto the next. It's kinda adorable. The right contains all of our dvd's that I put into cd organizers. Best life saver ever.

After I managed to fill most of the shelves (I’m still looking for a perfectly sized basket for the bottom of the middle one) I wanted to start filling in the wall. The tv is a huge black abyss and I’ve tried to balance it out. I basically went around to all of our goodwill/hospice stores to collect frames on the cheap. I mostly looked at the size, style, and overall condition since I knew I would be spray painting the suckers. They didn't stand a chance.

I think that black vent is gonna get the spray can as well. A nice white so he doesn't stick out so much. And ignore that random middle basket. I sorta shoved him in there. Really, he holds some exercise equipment, which at this point, is a joke. Who are we kidding?

I spent my birthday money [and then some] on some art from etsy. I’m a huge fan of supporting local, homemade, or small businesses in general. Etsy is a great place to find some homemade gifts that are super unique and one of a kind. I’ll show you each piece and link it up to the site on etsy where I got it. You can also follow me on etsy [the sea-foam button to the right with an ‘E’] and see what I favorite.

After hanging everything I lived with it for awhile. I’m not sure that I have a picture of what it looked like before but I had a photo that didn’t fit in scale-wise. It was too small for the space. I ended up using a spare Target clearance frame, spray painting it, and flipping the cream mat over to its white side. At this point I didn’t want to wait for something to be shipped to me. I also didn’t want to spend money. In the past, I’ve framed some really artsy greeting cards but I was hoping to find something around the house.

That’s when I found her. I had bought some Target clearance napkins [are you noticing a theme?] on a whim. Not only does it look great but it was only 62 cents for the whole pack AND pink is a color I’ve been trying to introduce in small doses to the living room. I’m in love. Over the moon in love. Pink. Ombre. Cheap. 

There was still a space that needed to be filled. I had gotten my friend an oversized key awhile back and told her I regretted never getting one myself. She scrounged around and found some “spare keys” she had from Michaels or Hobby Lobby that were really similar. We took a hack-saw to it and separated it from the others. I then spray painted him and there he is!
Here’s a run down on the other pieces of art:

This whale of a good time print is from this etsy shop.

It’s a print of a watercolor but man does it look like the real thing. It’s really high quality, on great paper and for only 20 dolla, it makes me smile. I have a thing for whales and I’m not sure why. Maybe it has to do with being a baby beluga in the third grade play. I still cant believe I wasn’t discovered then. I mean, I had talent oozing out my fins, people.

I think I got it because Oscar and I have a thing for the rain. We both grew up with tin roofs and smile at the thought of listening to the rain as you dose off. Or maybe I got it because it was pretty. And once again- at the price of $21- who can argue?

Then there’s this guy sitting pretty to the left.
My best friend is rolling her eyes. Probably because it was $35 and I could have made it myself. But I was in love. Had to have it. Would've taken me too long to actually accomplish making it. Didn’t realize how tiny it was. Still, it’s adorable. 

I love this guy. It’s a simple print of Guatemala with the cities all typed out within it. Oscar is from Peten, Guatemala and he was surprised to see it up there! I love representing places we’re from or places we’ve been. It was only $12.50 and the shop owner is willing to do countries not listed. What a great personalized gift for someone!

You can get a similar one for $18 here:
If you own a boston, you don’t need to ask what’s so funny about this. After getting Charlie, we learned that boston’s are kinda famous for their ability to break wind. We tell him we aren’t so sure if we would’ve taken him home had we known. But we lie. We’re suckers for him, even if he stinks us out of the room every now and then.

This sucker was $29 which tends to be more than what I want to pay but he’s huge! And how could I not incorporate Charlie into our little collage [again]?! Ask the owner and he can also customize the color, size, and doggie to fit your home.

Feathers are in. This I hope you were aware of.

If not, get over here quick. This lady is amazing. The detail is just phenomenal and fun. Everything just speaks to me. This particular piece cost me $20 which I think is too affordable for how beautiful it really is. She also does custom pieces as well as detailed paintings on stones which I plan on acquiring.

Here's the newest addition to the crew:

Stay tuned to see how long he lasts ;]


  1. I don't know what the pink thingy is in the frame but I really like it!

    You have a beautiful blog! I am now following you and look forward to future posts!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  2. Thanks Helen! It's a napkin I got from Target on clearance


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