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Who's there? Sexy black doors, that's who!

It’s done! I have been itching to get this project finished for awhile now. Not only to show you but for my own sanity. I started it a long time ago [so long I don’t even remember] when I painted the walls with a herringbone pattern. You can read more about that here. And even though I was super in love with it, I knew something was missing.

Insert pinterest. Once again. I saw a picture on a pin- the actual title had something to do with adding charm to your home. And although the picture was meant to focus on molding or some other aspect, all I saw was a beautiful black door in the background. After some more searching I had found a few more black doors and I was in deep. 

And then I waited. I had decisions to make. At first I couldn’t decide what type of finish I wanted. I liked the idea of gloss but 1) our doors had some scars and I knew it would draw attention to them and, 2) I felt like it would distract from the patterned walls. For some reason my next thought was flat but I was worried about smudgy fingerprints that would be visible under certain lighting. Enter best friend. Eggshell. Why ,oh why, didn’t I think of that? She’s great for that. I give her option A or B and she comes up with C. Time and again. That’s why I keep her around ;]
But what about the doorknobs?? I REALLY wanted crystal/glass door knobs. I thought they were the perfect vintage touch and would lighten everything up. After some online research, reality gave me a little check. If I wanted even the fake stuff, it would set me back about 40-60 a piece. No kidding. Granted, these were ones with locks [in case a killer was to come hunt me] and had oiled rubbed bronze for the metal attachment that would be closest to the door. I think I may have found some a bit cheaper but for four doors on a house we know isn’t our forever home, I just couldn’t do it. No trigger pulling here :[
So oil rubbed bronze handles from Lowes it was. But don’t worry, I’m still in love. No hard feelings here.

Here's the painting. I basically overloaded my angled brush and went crazy in the corners. From there I spread it out in each direction, staying with the grain. I did each corner and went out from there, smoothing as I went. Then I went with a small roller to get all of the flat areas. It took about 3 coats but everything dried really fast. I went back with a brush to get any areas that I had missed.

Now when we go upstairs I feel like we’re in a “real house.” Whatever that means. It just seems so professional and impressive. I think that the black spaces also give your eye someplace to rest when looking at all that pattern and help to break it up so it doesn’t attack you. I just adore it.

[this view is what you see as soon as you get to the top of the steps]

[looking down the hallway- 3 rooms and 1 closet]

Obviously, there are still some things that need to be done. I have to touch up the pattern [remember, the bleeding] and the trim. There's one light that's spray painted. It's ok. The other one is not. I had done one light to see how I liked it and I'm not quite sold. I still cant find anything I really love and can afford so I'm just waiting for something to find me. And the stairwell has yet to be painted. It's kinda huge so I'm avoiding it. So it's not 100% but I couldn't wait to share!
Here’s the budget breakdown:
1 gallon of black paint [we didn’t even use half of it]- $25
4 ORB bed/bath door handles $44
12 new ORB hinges $30
Total= $99
Now, this is kinda estimated folks. Someone managed to keep the receipt but later cleaned out her purse. Efficient, I know. But I tried to overprice on my guesses for your sake. I’m thinking the paint was cheaper but I just can’t remember.

Has anyone taken a risk with their home decor or some other "big jump?" Did it pay off? Tell me! Check out the link up1 and 2.


  1. Yup, the sexy black doors make it look way better (even though the herringbone made it pretty fab before). Love it.

  2. thanks! i swoon every time i reach the top of the stairs


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