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I wanted to show you a piece of jewelry that is increasingly meaningful to me. I’m not the biggest jewelry girl. I have a modest collection that includes my wedding bands and mostly retail found goodies. I can’t even wear my weddings bands to work, let alone anything else, so I tend to fall into the habit of non-blinging. 

But when planning our wedding I wanted a gift for our bridesmaids. Something simple, classic, that they would all like and use. My girls have some different tastes and it was hard to come up with something. I wanted them to think of our friendship & the [assumed] fun they would have at my wedding every time they used their gift. So scratch that flask idea. Sorry, chicas. 

I searched high and low on etsy for a few days. It’s my go-to for gifts of any kind. I finally stumbled upon OtisBWeddings. Wow. I couldn’t get over the fact that everything was so beautiful and affordable. With four girls to gift, I needed something with bang for its buck. And boy, did OtisBWeddings deliver. 

Months after my wedding I was majorly regretting not snatching up one for me. After looking at her site again, I was a bit bummed that I didn’t find my necklace. I private messaged her and what-do-ya-know, she was able to accommodate. I’ve learned it’s always worth asking. Smaller businesses are usually willing to be flexible if it means keeping a customer or making one happy. I couldn’t find an exact photo on the site of what I had so I took some of my own. 

This beautiful baby set me back $27 plus $3 for shipping. Note on her shop that she gives discounts for purchases of multiples. Perfect for weddings! For instance: I bought 4 of the same necklaces previously for $100 and $7 shipping. If you want just one or something else, look at her sister site.
Here’s just a few other products she’s currently selling:

Pros: delicate and timeless designs, affordability, cheap shipping, easily customized, goes with everything, nice chain and clasp, can dress up or down, USA/ philly-made.
Cons: need paypal account to purchase, no international orders during holiday season
I’m sure you’ll find something that tickles your fancy!

And if you do... please take advantage of their free shipping offer just for you guys! Just enter "bellhavenbrides" when you're checking out. Enjoy!

*Note: I wasn't paid for this review. I only give my thumbs up on products I love. The free shipping is a gift to you!*

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