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I tend to buy a lot of things online. Well really, I buy a lot of things period. But online is a great way to go [even if you don’t purchase online- read the reviews at least]. Sometimes I’ll be shopping in a store and if I’m on the fence about something I’ll google it and read the reviews on my phone. I usually go for it if the majority of reviews are 3-4 stars. 

When I was buying Oscar’s bike for instance, I was honing in on one that appeared to be perfect. I even used an online calculator to determine if it would fit for Oscar’s height. But after reading the reviews multiple people indicated that they were tall and could barely fit on it. I knew it wasn’t for us. Close call. Also, if it’s something big like a bike- I only go for free or super cheap shipping. But I also try to buy from a store that I know I can go back to- like sears- and return.

So this week’s review: The Furminator. Oh yea, you didn’t see that coming. If you have a shedding problem, a hairball problem, or you’re just drowning in fur… I have the answer for you.
Buy it here or here.

I actually ended up getting this from a friend after mentioning I wanted to try it out. Her dog has long, tangled hair and she had a problem using it. It didn’t seem to work on Charlie- but he does have super short hair. Also, there are different brushes for different animals and sizes. So do your research. 

It seemed the cats were shedding more and with the addition of a puppy, I was sweeping daily and still getting aggravated. I have allergies to dust mites which feed off of dander so I try my hardest to keep it all in check. And to top it off the site points out that cats ingest 2/3 of their hair. That’s enough reason for me. This is a great solution if hairballs are also reeking havoc on your casa.

I couldn’t wait to get home and give it a try. Seriously, this is good quality family entertainment. Nothing else to do on my Friday night. Lola didn’t seem all that crazy about it. She laid down a little bit for me and would let me hold her and brush her a bit. It’s more than I expected out of her since she doesn’t like to be held [except for when she demands it]. Treats worked well with her.

Otis was pretty funny. He didn’t seem to like it [as in biting the brush and my hands] but he couldn’t stop purring. He even laid down as well. He bit me and ran off so I moved on to Lola. But he came back and laid down again. I don’t think he could figure out if he liked it or not. Or maybe it’s like one of those tough massages- it hurts now but you know it’ll be worth it later. He literally looked like he had lost weight afterwards.

Now this is kinda gross but that won’t stop you…

So here we have it:
Pros: decreases hair as it promises, healthier living for you and pet, painless, easy to use, and quite entertaining.

Cons: It may not work on your breed- I would consider more research if you have a long haired pet. And some pets may downright refuse.

If my review doesn’t do it for ya or you have a different kind of animal, check out amazon’s reviews. There’s thousands and the majority are five stars. That’s a big deal. 

We can already tell a big difference just when we pet them and hold them. I no longer have to shake myself off. Oscar is so gonna miss that little dance move I had going on. It’s like the snake. But standing. Just picture it for a minute. 

I’m also getting away with sweeping less, and when I do there’s less hair. When I see the cats scratching behind their ears, there isn’t a plume expanding outwards. This is good my friends. 
I hope it helped someone!

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