blast from the past: pantry re-do

I wanted to share a project I did probably over a year ago. When we moved in, many things about the house were downright grody. Mystery fluid filling up a quarter of the refrigerator crisper drawers, unknown hardened slime (?) on walls that we are still finding, and dog pee carpet. I think its why we got such a great house in a great neighborhood for a lovely price. The homeowners had rented it out and it really was on the brink of no return from the neglect it had received. Luckily, I saw past all the gross findings and pictured a wonderful home. Some of my friends weren’t so sure and I can’t blame them.

One of the things that really grossed me out was the pantry. Even after a deep cleaning [which was widespread] it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. There was more mystery slime [I feel gross just writing that], and the door didn’t work [I had already removed it when I took this photo]. The shelves rested on what I assume was leftover molding attached to the sides of the pantry. Since I used it every day, it was increasingly aggravating to me. 

Cue a trip to Ikea. Oh yea. I wanted to basically buy wooden shelves and not have to do anything to get them to fit. I found the closest size I could and had my uncle who has a table saw [and knows to use it, given his teaching shop and all] trim it down. The shelves for $10 each and were just what I was looking for. 

I had also been on a long time bracket search. I don’t know if you’re aware, but brackets can get pricey. And when you need multiples [as one usually does] it starts to add up. Everything I seemed to find was also very girly and too decorative for me. I wanted something with clean lines that wouldn’t be distracting. Ikea hit the spot again and I brought home some beauties for $4 each. I spent $3 on some clearance trim at Lowes. Holla. 

The yellow paint was a rather last minute decision and sometimes I regret it. Sometimes I like it. I wish I had gone maybe a shade more cheery but now that it’s all said and done, I’m not messing with it. I do think that it goes with the muddy green/gray walls though so that makes me happy. 

After I demoed, patched, and painted I was a bit nervous. I had never really installed anything important- something that would actually have to hold its own weight [or that of jars and such].
After painting, I used painters tape to decide where to put the shelves. I marked where I wanted my highest and lowest shelves to go and that determined the rest. I made sure my lines were level at the ends as well as the middle. To be honest, there wasn't any exact measuring going on. I am sometimes a perfectionist. And sometimes, I'm lazy. Shocker. Oddly, it turned out well and I didn't cry. Not once.

Then I determined where I wanted my brackets and marked those with tape too.
 I used the tape as a guide for the brackets and marked where the screws and anchors were to be put, allowing me to remove the tape. 

Then I added the shelves and used screws to attach them to the brackets. Voila. 

It went up a lot easier than I expected and we haven’t had one iota of a problem since they’ve been installed. Knock on pantry wood.

I had added this little metal curtain kit from ikea to hold up a “bedspread” that was more of a sheet in place of the doors. A curtain was nice but between the line continually sagging under the weight and someone peeing on the curtain multiple times [I honestly can’t remember who, but it was a furry culprit, I promise] it just didn’t make it. But the curtain was really more for looks since I kept it open. And don’t worry, we kept the original doors just in case the future homeowners aren’t into the whole open storage thing [which I can totally understand]. We have no children and don’t need a ton of storage space so it works for us. I have two dedicated cabinets that are for holding all of our “ugly” foods. And I love the fact that I can just glance and know I'm running low on something.

I totally regret this painted plate thing I had going on. Do you ever have a gut feeling as you’re doing/making something that you ignore? Yea I had that going on and went on my merry way. It didn’t last too long. Now there’s a clock up there. I have a strong desire to fill that space and can’t seem to find the right thing. No worries. This place is always changing. 

the "after"- then

the "after" -now

And if you’re curious, the jars are mostly from antique shops and ikea. What a mix! I think I paid maximum $5 per jar. It happened over time so it’s not like it hurt me to purchase them. I loves them and they make me happy. 

 I'm still not 100% in love with the pantry and am even considering adding a curtain back with a real curtain rod this time [our animals are mostly out of the pee on stuff phase]... mostly. But if I make any changes, you'll be the first to know.

So there it is, a pantry makeover under $100 that makes such a difference! Do you have open storage? Would you ever consider it or is it out of the question? Feel free to link up in the comment section with any lovely pantries!

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