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Hello and long time no blog everyone! It feels so good to be back and I thought of this blog a TON this past week. I hope my absence is rare and that instances like the past week are few. Granted, I have been living my life which is one of my latest goals. Living, not thinking or planning or scheming. Just plain living in the moment and it can’t get any better. 

Last week I fell ill. I suppose it was the stress and change of weather. I ended up calling in 2 of the 3 days I work. I always feel guilty but I wouldn’t want my nurse to be sick and thinking of things like their own snot and not my snot. Did you follow that? Hence, the staying at home. Unfortunately that didn’t mean more getting things done or planning since I was unable to move from thy holy throne. And by throne, I mean crapper. I couldn’t keep anything down the first day and was beyond weak. TMI? Sorry… that’s a nurse for ya!

By Friday, I had most of my energy back and got to packing. There was some last minute shopping for things like penile confetti. Don’t worry, I kept it classy ;] We left early Saturday morning for Moravian Falls, NC. It was about 5.5 hours away which was kind of a stretch but it was all worth it. From what I gathered, there really isn’t much to the place. It was the middle of nowhere but it was so perfect. I had read about “glamping” in travel magazines and was really interested. Unfortunately, most glamping places seem to be on the west coast, on a different continent, or plain just too far. Luckily, over a year ago I was researching and found this website.

And then I stumbled upon this cutie. You can check out the main website here too!

If you see the main picture is of a yurt [there you are, Kate]. However, we ended up with a yurt mixed with a cabin kind of scenario. We called it a glabin. It was too good to be true. Canvas sides, a decking floor, a metal roof, and a screened in porch. Talk about my kind of camping. I especially loved the lack of bugs and when we arrived it was raining. Any rain on metal roofs fans? We unpacked as the weather cleared up. Then we started our 40 minute trek to walmart for stuff we didn’t think to bring [ok, and more alcohol]. 

Rhonda and her husband own the business and are beyond nice folks. So hospitable and gracious. They’re the kind of neighbors you dream of having. At the bottom of the hill is this beautiful outdoor kitchen and movie theater. The first night she had a bunch of her friends over for dinner and invited us. Talk about lovely people and lovely food. It was pretty magical even though the rain was coming out every now and then. We kept dry and had a full stomach. Check out this adorable “outhouse” that was a real bathroom. I’m such a sucker for lighting like this. 

We ended the night pretty early since we had to get up early for canoeing. The canoe time was 9 am but we were about 45 minutes from Zaloo’s Canoe’s so we had to get up early and leave time for getting lost. It’s kind of a theme with us. But we got there just fine. Rhonda was sweet enough to print off directions for every place we wanted to go. Normally, we would use my GPS. Unfortunately, when we arrived we realized that my GPS maps may need to be updated. She had a hard time out in the mountains. So it ended up being a big help. 

I haven’t been on a canoe since I was probably six. Katie and Amber have never been. And Stephanie is a beginner kayaker [with lake experience]. Suffice it to say, this is going to get interesting. I called shotgun with Stephanie, knowing of her experience. I don’t think I would’ve if I would have known how ugly it would get for Katie and Amber. No, there was no canoe-tipping but we came pretty close. 


We took a five mile trip down the New River. I was so happy with the 9 am start. I wanted to get going earl y so we could use the rest of the day. Also, I burn very very easily and this was a great way to avoid the sun. It lasted maybe 2 hours. But it didn’t fly by too quickly or seem like it took forever. It was perfect. It was extremely crisp that morning and I may have bought a sweatshirt just for it since I didn’t pack one. Let’s just say my weather app lied. 

There was a lot of laughing. For example, here are some things we overheard from the other canoe that I don’t think are things you ought to hear: “Put it in reverse!” and “I had to sacrifice my paddle to save my face.” Yes, there was some backwards and sideways canoeing going on. And we did manage to save the paddle. Please excuse some of my photos. It was hard to see my screen in the light and I didn’t realize some of my photos were overexposed. It was a rash of picture taking followed by Stephanie politely reminding me that there were rocks up ahead. And if you didn’t know, apparently, rocks = rapids. 

Most rapids were really smooth to go over [much more than I expected anyways] and they were small. But navigating between beds of rocks proved to be a bit of a challenge. I was glad we went with the canoes instead of the kayaks because Steph’s muscles proved to be useful compared to my lame noodle arms. There were some “beaching” instances with Katie and Amber. Stephanie and myself had some rock- grazing fun. Although the water was oddly clear [at least from what I had expected] there were some rocks that were hard to see until we were going over them. Nothing like screaming “rock” as a warning 2 seconds before collision. There were also many instances of Stephanie telling me, “just don’t turn around… you don’t want to see it.” Do you think I had enough self control?

yes, this is a collision. a perpendicular one.


If any professionals or really, anyone could have seen us, it would’ve been pretty embarrassing. Luckily, we had fun and didn’t care! Zaloo’s was a great company. They were easy-going and prompt. I think we spent about $30-35 on each canoe and we paid ahead of time which made it even easier when we arrived. Again, Rhonda from glamping set us up. 

I had originally pictured us having a fantastic picnic while on the river. I pictured us floating along, making sandwiches and giggling. That was pretty unrealistic which we soon realized. We quickly planned to eat after we were finished. We had started when the canoe van pulled up an hour early [we think the 2 other couples on the river called for an earlier pickup time]. They loaded up the van and we went back to the original site and had lunch there. It was such a good time. We live in the canoe capital of the country and oddly, have never been. How sad! Now, we know how easy it is and fell in love with it. 

I realize that this weekend may not sound very “bachelorette” to you. And it’s not typical. But if you know Katie, then you know that it just fit. She has been talking about going canoeing for over a year. We have either been too busy or it’s been raining…. Or whatever excuse. And we’ve wanted to go camping. Scratch those off the list. 

We went back to our glabin and collapsed. Canoeing is hard work. They had initially wondered why I didn’t plan anything in between canoeing and dinner. Now they knew why. I had seen this coming. 

After a serious nap and some much needed showers, we got gussied up to head to town. We had told Katie to pick a place for dinner and were expecting a pretty fancy night. Gotta love our simple chick, she picked Mexican. But it was a group favorite and the place that we had seen while going to walmart was actually really nice. It was clean and nicely decorated. The staff was beyond friendly [seems to be a NC thing] and we got to eat alfresco! 

stephanie, katie, me, amber

We came home and made a little fire [ok, Rhonda did] and had some serious smore’s. There was a little bit of drinking and an attempt at a new board game that was HORRIBLE. Followed by some way early passing out. We are just so crazy ;]

But in our defense, we had a big day planned for Monday. Can you say spa? Holy moly. None of us had ever been before. There were two spas “near” our glamp site. I chose the fancier one thinking since it’s not an everyday thing, we ought to go all out. And go all out is what we did. We went to RockBarn Spa
Wow. You could probably tell we were spa-newbies by our large eyes, greedy grins, and hushed whispers, “they have CUCUMBER WATER!” It really doesn’t take much. We changed in the locker room to some nice robes and sat in the waiting room. All four of us had planned 12:00 massages. We signed up for a Swedish massage which was the cheapest. It was 50 minutes and apparently, full body, which I had forgotten I read. Surprise! 

Two of us got girls [and I was pretty relieved]. Katie and Amber got guys I think. These weren’t Fabio boys though so don’t go getting all worked up. Have you ever had a massage? No? Go. Now. Don’t put it off. It was amazing.

I think the warm oil had a lot to do with it. There was an odd bed thing with a warmer on it. Warm bed? I’m game. Think warm towels every now and then, dimmed lights, nature music, and a whispering masseuse. I felt so barbaric every time I talked and tried to remember to whisper next time. Although as she moved down to my legs there may have been a loud “not my feet please!” that arose from pure fear. The other girls said they heard me. If you know, then you know. If not, no judging. 

Afterwards, we met near the sea water pool [that was super warm] for lunch. We had fancy sandwiches, a smoothie or tea, and someone may have had cheesecake…. As Katie and I were relaxing in the warm indoor waterfall, she asked me if I got a butt massage.

What do you mean BUTT MASSAGE?!?”

“I mean a full on massage, I think there were some warm stones, and a jiggle at the end”
Cue uncontrollable laughter on my part. Looks like someone got a little bridal package the rest of us didn’t! 

We had originally planned for facials but they weren’t booked until 330 and we needed to hit the road. So we packed it up early and went home smelling of balsam and patchouli. Or something.
It was such a perfect weekend and we couldn’t be any luckier. Every person we met was overly nice. Every. Person. We played the license plate game [31 states, thankyouverymuch and a bonus Ontario] and commented on my numerous bathroom breaks and katie’s camel bladder. It was just what we needed. 

I wanted to warn you that this upcoming weekend is the bridal shower which I have also planned! And between half unpacking from this last weekend, blogging, doing last minute things for the shower, and working 3 twelve hour shifts, our house is a mess. And by mess I mean: dirty dishes, dirty clothes, a cooler as a coffee table, and mail all over. I just sent a text message asking, “where’s the other half of the broom?” Therefore, blogging will be hard until I get this Sunday under control. But I’ll be back, I promise. 

I hope this gives you ideas for a fun bachelorette weekend! Has anyone done anything similar? Or maybe you went crazy in the city instead?? I’d love to hear about other bachelorette trips!

Have a good weekend!

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