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Hello everyone! I hope you had a safe and fun labor day weekend! We mostly bummed it out and relaxed since the next two weekends for us are going to be packed with action. But I did manage to get something done [and reference "how to lose a guy in 10 days"]… check it out.

This is probably the only corner of my kitchen I’m proud to share. I have big plans for the rest but for right now it’s not in the budget. But I think of taking a crowbar to my cabinets every day…
In the meantime I’ll stick to easier tasks. I had searched high and low for a cabinet I could use in this small corner. I needed something that wouldn’t be taller than the chair rail, and skinny enough to allow for passage. I wanted a little bar section on top and storage in the bottom since we removed some cabinet doors in one area of the kitchen to keep things pretty. Enter Target. Gotta love Target.

I found this guy in the store in red. Boo. Red just isn’t a color I use very often. After looking online I found him in black and yellow. I had originally wanted white. I knew I didn’t want black because our dining table is black and it shows EVERYTHING. I’m talking to you crumbs, cat hair, dust, and scratches! Yellow won since I had painted our open pantry that color not long before. I’ll have to show you that another day!

I’m not one for yellow usually but I’m finding it really cheers up a space. Yay for me for not picking a neutral! Although I consider myself to be a pretty loud person, I have a hard time going the colorful route. But with some inspiration from other blogs, I’m pushing myself in that direction and loving the results.

Moving on… I knew before I even purchased this baby that those beautiful glass doors would have to be frosted. If a girl is going to have open storage, then it needs to look good. I just needed this to be functional and hold extra bits and pieces for me. Notice: I put odds and ends in here that I don’t use that often. Our steamer for tamales, cookie cutters, various pans, etc.
Enter frosted glass goodness. Or as I like to call him, my new best friend. I couldn’t find plain frosted paper at Lowes so I got this buddy at Home Depot. For an insanely large roll of frost and the application kit [a low lint cleaner, a squeegee, trimmer, and cling spray] it only set me back about $30.00. 

I cleaned the glass first. Then I cut the frosty-paper to size. It measured 12x20 inches. So I cut out 13x21. It said to do an extra half inch I think, but I’m not measuring or cutting goddess. So I did the next best thing and ensured myself some peace of mind. 

Peeling the liner from the frosty part was the hardest and most time consuming thing. Go figure. At one point there may have been some cursing and temper-tantrum like behavior. All is well that ends well. Once I managed to release the two I taped the disposable part back onto itself so it didn’t restick to my precious frosty part. I taped the non-sticky portion of frosty up near where I was working. 

I then sprayed the sticky side of the frosty and my glass with the spray that was provided. I slapped frosty up to my glass. And then they made sweet sweet frosty, glassy love.
Um. What?

Sorry... my camera went totally crazy here. I think my hand bumped a button and my settings went a little haywire. But I was mid squeegee/trim and a little too panicky to bother with it.
So anyways… I squeegeed the middle out a little bit trimming the edges seemed to be the main thing. Once I did that, I squeegeed a bit more, and trimmed closer. Once it was trimmed closer to the edge, things seemed to fall into place. I had to re-do one side due to some aggressive squeegeeing that left a serious crease. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d type. 

As it dried all of the squeegee lines disappeared. And it looks so sexy. Mmmm. Frosted glass.
The tray on top is also from Target. The decanters and all have been collected over time. The frames are Target clearance with my photos. And the bottle opener was an etsy find for only $8.

 So there’s my little sunny spot of our kitchen that makes me happy. Sometimes when I’m having a bad day I just go and stare at it. I think Charlie agrees. 

Just an FYI: I  may not be back on Wednesday like usual.  I work Tuesday to Thursday and then have a ton of projects for my bestie's bachelorette trip this weekend. I will be back on Friday for sure though!

Oh and I'm linking up to thrifty decor chick so look at the goods over there!


  1. thanks! its quite the change for me but its growing on me fast. oscar better watch out... he's gonna come home to one colorful home one day


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