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One year ago I had the jitters. I was focused on soaking up memories and taking in all the details. I was nervous, relieved, and exhausted yet so happy. After all, I was marrying my best friend whom I had spent five years getting to know and whom I would spend a lifetime with. I look forward to our future with such enthusiasm and am so thankful I found someone who supports me whole heartedly. I’m not talking “I guess honey… why not?” support… I’m talking “I believe 100% in you and I’ll put everything I have behind you because I know you can do it” kind of support. One of the many reasons I love him. 

One of our biggest goals is to pay off our debt. Our credit card debt as well as our two cars. Once we do that, we feel like we will be able to focus on other things like traveling and life experiences. With that in mind, we didn’t plan anything for our one year anniversary. My bestie and cousin are getting married this fall. I was on call all weekend. I can go on. 

But we don’t mind. We’re homebodies anyway. We got some takeout [we went out to eat last weekend], a redbox movie, and had a fantastic time. That seems to be our favorite- staying in and enjoying each other. Another reason we’re a good fit. We decided that every year we should make it a tradition to do something new, together. Obviously there wasn’t much planning this year and we will have to do something a little later. Our ideas include: laser tag [I’ve been, he hasn’t], canoeing [again, I’ve been], hot air ballooning, sky-diving [?], a pottery class, dancing classes, a weekend trip to somewhere we’ve never been, cooking classes… you get the picture. 

We thought that this would be a good way to push ourselves, create couple time, and cross things off of our never ending bucket list. I think it’s obvious we have trouble getting out and this is a way to do it ;]

Until we decide what we want to do this year, I have a little project I wanted to share. Again, we aren’t big on presents. We’ve had five years to do that, and although it’s always fun to open gifts, we have the debt free goal. Plus, we want to focus on memories and experiences rather than materialistic gifts. However, I made this little nugget in just a few minutes with stuff I already had sitting around.

I found this little mini-canvas at Michael’s for $1.29 awhile back and go it “just in case.” Oh me and my hoarding ways. I used some kraft paper that coordinated with our wedding invitations [I’ll show you those in a bit]. I typed up our wedding vows and modge podge’d that sucker to it. Easy shmeezy. 

Here she be:

Here’s our vows if you cant read that [I read the pink lines and he read the blue]:
I promise to fight fair.
I promise to always kiss you goodnight.
I promise to share the blanket.
I promise to never tickle your feet. Ever.
I promise to never go to bed angry.
I promise to always take out the trash.
I promise to never stop sharing my dreams with you.
 I promise to put God and our family first in all of my thoughts and actions.
I promise to nurse you in sickness and support you in health.
 I promise to take care of my body so that I can enjoy a rich and full life with you.
I promise to encourage you when all others are doubtful
I promise to help you remember in sadness and make memories in happiness.
Though life may not always be as perfect as this moment, I vow to keep my love as pure as it is today.
I promise to respect you and live an honest life together.
I promise to find happiness in all of the little things but not to lose sight of the big picture. 

And how could I forget to tell you? I totally fubbed up on our vows. I was so nervous ahead of time that it would be Oscar to falter but put me in front of about 100 people and I lose my ability to form sentences. 

I wanted to use a cuter font but that little 4x4 square just wouldn’t allow it. In the future I think I may use our vows in a larger piece, like the matting of a photo, but for now I’m pleased with this.

This is quite the sentimental corner we have going on. There’s cute little hearts and a ‘N’ for our last name. The canvas photo is from our wedding, where we said “I do.” The large heart print is from etsy. It was a little birthday gift for making it onto the heart team, my job as a RN in the operating room. 

I hope I inspired you… art doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. And gifts don’t have to be material. It’s all about focusing on each other and making pleasant memories. 

Before I forget… I stumbled upon our wedding invitations that I had promised to share under our wedding tab and never did. I wanted our invitations to give off a casual vibe. Although we were in a fancy garden with catered food and all the works, I wanted people to have fun. I thought I would convey that in the invitations. 

All of my supplies are from paper source because they had the chartreuse color that was hard to find, and all of their products are in multiple colors that are consistent. I knew that choosing chartreuse would make my life difficult but thanks to keeping with one company, I was able to make it easier on myself. I used the fonts Georgia and jane austen. 

The invitation was simple and clean. I used a paperclip to keep it with the information card inside [which was an index card] after my friend clipped them together and noticed how cute it was. I used plain paper with a template to create the envelope liners. They were really easy and made it looked more finished. 

The response cards were the same colors but reversed. I used a punch to get the scalloped top. The program cards had the names of everyone and a letter to our parents.

I have more to show you but am having some photo uploading issues :[ And I don't think the problems are on my end. So I hope to be back to show you more. 

Hope you like!
Here’s to many more fun filled years,

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