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a living room with a touch of pink

Hello! I hope if you’re having a good Monday… [oxymoron, I know]! I wanted to do a little mood board Monday every now and then. Not every week, but something every so often to inspire and have fun with. I’ve done mood boards in the past and have had a lot of fun with them. I feel like sometimes when you’re describing something, people have a hard time visualizing what you’re planning.

If you are having designer’s block with a certain room or even an area of a room, I’d love to feature it with a mood board full of options and solutions. Feel free to email me submissions at ccraig0034@gmail.com [or click the little envelope icon on the right] with a photo and description of your problems and what you’re going for or want for your space. Until I get submissions, I’ll be doing mood boards for rooms I have now, and some fun ones like below.


This is a fashion mood board I pinned on Pinterest. I’m not a big fashion girl. Heck, I wear pajamas 45% of the time and scrubs 45% of the time. So real clothing is more a burden than anything but there are places that call for it, or even demand it. But I digress. I’ve seen mood boards somewhere before where they take an outfit and turn it into a room [probably in Domino or something] and I’ve always liked the idea. I did not make the outfit but used it as inspiration for a fun living room [and a girly one, at that].

I think the living room would be perfect for a single girl or maybe even a younger girl in college… not that I’m trying to limit its use! We just started injecting some pink into our living room and I love the look. Considering I’m one that’s always gone for greens and blues I find my new change surprising but am really happy with the cheeriness little pops of pink bring. It really warms things up and makes the room seem more alive and perky.


1.   Art. It doesn’t have to be expensive, fancy, or professional. I mean, I framed a napkin for goodness’ sake! Loving it is all that matters.

2.   I know what you’re thinking. Wow. A white couch. Yikes. No. I’ve seen others with white couches [ones with removable covers] and man are they happy. Katie from Bower Power described how her PB couch has stood up against her rambunctious toddler and gives the deets on how she cleans hers. Also it being so large and white anchors the room. I know everyone says dark colors anchor rooms but really, white has more visual weight than black.

3.   I brought in some wicker to pick up on the shoes and purse in the inspiration photo. Texture is a good thing.

4.  These are some chevron curtains I found on etsy that really pick up on the cardigan and are fun and light. It’s a great way to introduce pattern but it won’t be too busy. The scale is just right.

5.   I love trays. For the bar, for the commode, for the coffee table! And since I have a trunk for a coffee table [in real life and in this mood board] it only makes sense. I just lift the tray up when I want to get something out of the trunk! It’s a great way to add texture if you get a woven one or a pop of color. This one is metal with woven rope handles. Sexy!

6.   This leather pillow plays on the leather belt in the inspiration board. You could also add a leather chair or ottoman, but not too much!

7.   Mmm. Trunks as coffee tables. There’s nothing better. You can instantly look like a globetrotter. Not to mention you’ve got a great place to throw crap when you have company coming over in 20 minutes. Not that I would ever do something like that…

8.   Hold on to your sexy pants! A sleek, glowing, gold side table really jazzes this all up and hints at those pretty stacked bracelets.

9.   Plants. Fake plants if you’re me. I used to hate fake plants. But then I realized I kill all house plants with a glance or a touch of my black thumb. Luckily, Ikea makes some great ones that require touching and squinting to know if they’re real or not. Every room should have a green and “lively” touch.

10. I know this is trendy but I couldn't help it. How much fun! And sometimes, that’s what a room needs. Keep it light.

11. These are woven stools that are only $30 at Ikea. I love them and have for a long time. They can be stacked or used for casual seating when you have a lot of guests over.

12. This is a pink rug. Crazy, I know. But it’s a casual fabric and will give off such a warm glow you won’t need too many pink accents afterwards. This actual rug that I clipped for the mood board is more of an entry size but you get the idea.

13. Again, trays… I can’t get enough. This is a great side table [assuming you don’t small children or curious pets]. I love pieces that can pull double duty and work in other rooms.

14. Pillows! You may have picked up on the mix of gold and silver. This used to drive me nuts. I thought you couldn't mix the two and that it was a rule written in stone. Wrong. You can and it can be beautiful. I’m increasingly becoming obsessed with the fresh mixture.

15. A light [ha!] table lamp to keep things modern and fun.

If you click here it’ll take you to Polyvore where you can get the details on where I found the goods. 

So if you have a room that has you stumped or maybe you just want a different take on it, send it my way and I’ll help out for free ninety nine!

Oh and if you've noticed I'm posting before or after the actual due date, you're right. I work. It tends to get in the way. At least today it's early rather than late.... Maybe it'll become my little signature ;] Check out the link up

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