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When it comes it filling up space on our walls I’m pretty inconsistent. I guess it just depends on the day if I feel like buying a $50 print from Etsy [plus a frame] or if I want to diy something. When it came to our open dining room/kitchen walls, I wanted something cheap, easy, and large. I also wanted symmetry.

Since Oscar and I are huge fans of coffee I thought it would be super cute to frame coffee sacks. Hello burlap, we shall never part. So after some googling around I stumbled upon these suckers on Ebay for only $4. I think the shipping cost was about the same. Best part? They’re made in Guatemala- the home country of my better half. I love when I can find things that bring in his heritage or are just a friendly reminder of his latin roots.

So I went off to JoAnn’s for some black fabric to back the burlap. I think I spent just over $10 but I’m not too sure. I used adhesive spray I already had to adhere it to the back of frames[after it was ironed]. I'm really happy I get to type 'iron' instead of say it. I apparently have a chores complex and say "I-earn" when it should be "I-run." And that may be backwards. I can't tell. I hope you followed. Anyways... I got the poster frames at Target and even though they were the biggest I could find, I still had to trim the large bags down.

I smoothed down the black fabric and used a lint roller afterwards. I added the burlap bag and pressed it into the clean frame. Don't recognize that oddly thin cat? That's Otis back in the day. Yea, I don't fake these flash backs lol. He's put on some poundage since then. I try to blame him for being whiny and always crying for food, but really, I'm just a sucker for a cute, hungry kitty. 

Here it was then:

1. those are paper bag favors on the table. 2. the curtain rods have since been raised. 3. i cant wait to get rid of that damn fan. 

Here it is now-ish:

The white curtains make the room and take it from dreary to fun. Since then we've played musical chairs [an ongoing thing around here], changed the blinds to a bamboo look, and that planter has been changed to a yellow, cheery cupboard. There's also a little table behind the dining table for holding plants [for their "alive" phase], and mostly so the cats sit there to look out the window and not on our table. Love love love. Except for that fan. Poo on you, fan. 

Have you ever made art from something unexpected or really affordable? Feel free to link in the comment section!


  1. Those are awesome!!!

    And regarding the wallpaper - no cats here! Just kids, but they can't jump that high;)

    1. Haha that's cute. I think kids are more trainable than cats lol


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