october 2012 instagram dump

 Hello! In comparison to past months, it's obvious I have an insta-problem. Oh yea, we're getting geeky over here. I can't help it. It's addicting and I love capturing all those little things in life. So here goes: an instagram dump x two. 

1. best friend fudge. the only fudge as far as i'm concerned. and apparently, this too has its season. 
2. my very own air plant from my bestie! lets hope i dont kill it!
3. pumpkin seeds. sweet or spic-ay.
4. enjoying this especially fall-y fall. 

5. margarita monday. $2. yea.
6. I'm loving this guy: 

7. sexy pumpkin guts
8. channeling my martha for la pumpkin palooza
9. martha chalk paint
10. otis being super cute

11. espresso via my latin lover
12. my "new" vintage camera case i scored for free-ninety-nine!
13. fall prettiness leaving work.
14. french toast from my lovely. 
15. bacon is meat candy. obv.
16. mindy kaling from the office is my new hero.
17. a little bragging never hurt anyone. i just blasted through 3k. i. cant. stop. 
18. retail therapy at tarjay.
19. cuddles time?

20. spaghetti. its whats for dinner. 
21. nate berkus at target. life changing. 
22. a faint rainbow.
23. angry orchard beer. because beer is better with fruit.
24. sexy wall. old house. mmm
25. funnel cake. because that's what you do at festivals. 

1. i dont play but i sure can take photos. 
2. old downtown front royal. 
3. festival good-ness.
4. a very pricey 1930's dollhouse. 
5. for women only calendar from the good ol days.
6. antique side table
7. where my bff and cousin got hitched
8. wedding succulents
9. an old church on wedding-prep day.
10. foggy train tracks on a busy morning
11. lola in the window
12. my new lens!!!!
13. chips and salsa. sighhh.
14. homemade pizza - at least once a week.
15. otis joined a mariachi band 
16. early morning snuggles. 
17. magic plan app. check it out. 
18. individual potato gratin. amazing
19. my lolita being sweet
20. yhl - we are going to the dc tour! nov 28
21. boring preceptor class at work. they should all be titled "how to be nice"
22. lola in an unladylike pose i havent seen since
23. the makings of a latte. now i know ... alatte. bahahah!
24. my long-winded toast for the wedding... it went much better than expected!
24. lola knew the perfect thing for that little void in the gallery

So there you have it.... testament of my free time and lack of discipline. Oh who cares... it's fun! Follow me @thediynurse

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