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I'm back! I hope everyone was as lucky as us... Sandy only delivered a soggy yard, some flooding around town, and only a few trees [and just branches for us] down. We even have our beloved power so we didn't have to resort to the wine and cat food we had stocked ;]

I love making moodboards. They are FUN. I love having an excuse to peruse websites like west elm and bringing a room together that may not be "me" but still has style. My new favorite past time includes taking an outfit I've found via Pinterest and using it as an inspirational guide for interior design. With that said, check out this perfect fall outfit I snagged online:

Doesn't it make you want to snuggle and stroke pumpkins all at the same time?? I thought so. Now check it out in room form:

rustic bedroom

I had fun with this because I considered it a "manly" room with some feminine touches. I consider it a modern man cave or a room in a cabin, up on the mountains. It makes me want to have a cabin just for the soul fact of decorating it! So here's the breakdown:

1. I adore this CB2 goodie. What a fun way to hide away jewelry or some other nuggets. I particularly like finding "rustic" things at what I consider modern stores. It keeps a room from feeling predictable or stagnant. 

2. This bar cart is sex appeal on wheels. Seriously, I have a weak spot for men with bar carts. It's like instant double-oh-seven status and screams "I have a job and don't live with my parents." You got that too, right?

3. A west elm pillow that picks up on the knit sweater from the inspiration photo. 

4. I picture this rustic room with wooden floors and dark, cozy walls. So this cream chair would be nice to break up the dark.

5. Hubba Hubba look at that headboard. I would have it if I didn't think for a second that my two cats would go to town on that sucker. It screams "sexy scratching post." I'll dream for now. 

6. These rugs are delicious. West elm jute. Are you surprised? I love all of the colors so it would be hard to choose. 

7. Skis. On the wall. Not that I ski, but maybe someone else does. 

8. Olive curtains to pick up on the chica's undershirt. Not the same shade but it's all debatable. Apparently, olive curtains are going instinct. 

9. A mirror with bone inlay. So sexy. Not sure who's bones they are but who really cares?

10. Again. West elm. You can see I have a favorite? They have a new line and its gorgeous. This hamper is like your good-looking best friend who doesn't take all the attention away but somehow makes you look better. We all need a friend like that.

11. P-P-Plaid! Bedspread. Oh yea it's cabin fever up in here! Eddie Bauer did us right.

12. A leather bound book about whiskey. Again, this reminds me you have a 401-B and have hair you have to shave regularly. 

13. These are WE curtain rods that are priced atrociously. You could so DIY these suckers. I think the thinner the better. I've told my latin lover that whenever he owns a store, these will be used. I love their masculinity. I know, I get really passionate about curtain rods. 

14. A knit WE pillow that mimics the inspiration sweater. I was a little disappointed in PB's rustic selection. But I can forgive them, they're in the throws of Christmas.

15. CB2 trunk. ohhh so sexy. I like how the shininess reminds you not to be so rustic-serious and mellow-dramatic. It's just a cabin after all!

16. Again with the fun, modern twist. I have a thing for these guys and I blame it all on yhl

17. An armoire because they're the mysterious and coy cousin to the dresser. 

18. Urban Outfitters has this sexy table and I feel like I've put him in a lot of mood boards. He's just so flexible. 

19. Foxy lady! Land's end knows I'm  a sucker for embroidery. Seems like a little touch from home, a pillow your mom made. 

20. A lovely wood-holder (?) because you have a fireplace in the bedroom. Duh. It's a sexy man-cave cabin, remember?

Hope you liked it.. if you want details on the items you should be able to click the picture of the mood board and it'll take you over to polyvore [who was misbehaving yesterday but seems legit today]. Also, if you'd like a virtual room makeover and a mood board of your room, please email me at ccraig0034@gmail.com. Thanks!

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