september 2012 instagram dump

If you remember, this is just a little thing I do once a month to remember the little things that I'd probably forget or take for granted. The good, the bad, the embarrassing and so forth. So since we're already enjoying this crisp October, let's remember September:

1. my first official mood board. im very proud :)

2. a love note from my man:

3. the beginnings of black bean soup. soup-er yummy. oh yes I did. 

4. that would be battery juice i suppose? whatever. my cousin totally rescued the day. i figure if im the one in the house who knows where all the tools are, then i get to play the girl card all the way, and i do. they bore me and i have zero interest. just fix it. i dont care if you have to get fred flinstone himself and shove him under my hood. just fix it.

5. cinnamon nuts. amazing. nuff said.

6. trolleys. we have them.

7. the nest sent us a little anniversary card [which was our first married, and on the 24th].

8. my pager. sometimes i spend a good few minutes in total panic mode trying to find it. it's at work. im not on call. yay?

9. I've always thought this would make a good tattoo. i think about tattoos. i dont actually get them. this annoys me. 

10. a fall grocery cart with nuts, beer, whipping cream, and magazines. the essentials. 

11. homemade ricotta cheese. be impressed. im usually lucky if i can scrape dinner together, let alone make my own cheese from scratch. savor it.

12. pretty fancy pumpkins at Martins for only $5 each. I just looked. Ok. I may have caressed a few. 

13. chocolate. mmm. mini smores. mmm. bridal shower. mmm. ?

14. magazines and coffee. a perfect morning.

15. my MOH duties for the bridal shower. i crossed off every one :)

16. managed to sneak these out of lowes for a little bridal shower craft. im dangerous!

we went on a glamping bachelorette trip to NC. it included many firsts like canoeing [backwards even] and a spa trip ;] best. time. ever. 

18. Our otie-boatie. he isn't as little as he thinks.

19. little charlie is starting to cuddle us- and we are loving it!

20. ello new logo! that's what im talking about!

21. chili on a cold day when i was sick. almost perfect.

logo options. it was a close call but im happy with the choice :]

23. enjoying my new shift of 3 twelves. hello 4 days off!

24. little lolita showing me her cuteness.

There you have it- September in a nutshell. You may notice quite the increase in photos- I have become very addicted to instagram. it's unhealthy.

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