christmas 2011

1. today was green bean dish day. it didnt happen. i woke up with a massive headache that never really went away plus allergies to boot. im hoping its nothing that morphs into a cold. the green beans will happen sooner or later but something tells me you'll manage.

2. i wanted to share other things with you today but my computer is acting odd. im hoping its something a little rebooting can't fix but to be honest, im too tired to bother. 

3. i will most likely be posting christmas stuff before december. i cant help it. im excited. and i have issues. but christmas issues are better than others so ill take it.

4. work is kind of horrid right now. as in, people have been dropping off the face of the earth [or quitting as some people call it]. so now ill be on call thanksgiving and christmas, on call 15 of 30 days for at least two months straight, and working 5 eights instead of 3 twelves. i didnt really want to let you in on this; i wanted to keep my work-y self at work. but im afraid it'll impact this little blog that i consider my escape. i hope it doesnt but wanted to keep you in the loop. i know i should be happy i have a job and so forth, and i am, but sometimes my anger gets the best of me.

5. i know i sound really bitchy and self centered in number four and that's because i am. im bitter. im emo. whatever. i consider this blog my outlet and if i cant cry and pout here, then where else can i? i hope you'll roll your eyes, forgive me, and come back for tomorrow when I'm sure ill be in a better mood. 

6. im about to show you christmas from last year. looking back on some of the photos i find them charming in the way a twelve year old considers self portraits of their duck face to be 'art.' 

7. also. we have white curtains in our dining room. as embarrassing as it is to admit, they had some yellow stains. consider it a constant reminder of a little furry fellow's failed attempts at self control. luckily, he's come a long way. unluckily, this idiot decided to bleach them. well, that's not the bad idea. the dryer was. yup. who knocked off six inches of their previously perfect curtains that she had waited forever to snatch at clearance prices? this one. diy award of the year. i have new plans but im just going to sulk for a while, hanging my head every time i have to pass by. the photo is on instagram. again, my computer is having some personality issues so no photo for you.

8. enough of my self loathing. check out christmas 2011 and get excited because soon you'll be bombarded with christmas 20-now. ow!

this looks much better in person. it wasn't easy and took many evenings in front of the boob tube.

please package your felines with care this holiday season

although it appears my cat is being crushed by holiday greenery, i actually think he's enjoying himself in this photo. go figure. 

so there you have it, rantings followed by christmas cheer. really, what more could you want? thanks for listening, or scanning, or maybe just looking at the photos [?]. i needed that. i promise to be back with even better christmas goodness and a better attitude. 

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  1. Oh that sucks! I would hate to have to be on call for BOTH holidays!! Poor thing! :( LOVE the embrodiery hoops with the buttons...yes I can imagine just how long that took. I do counted cross stitch all the time, and it takes me weeks to finish a project completely.

    I also love your chirstmas tree with all the gifts around it! And your cats are adorable, even when the do look like their being smooshed under the tree haha!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog


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