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I'm super excited to share a little round-up I created for Christmas! I had wanted to share some of the decor I've been working on around the house but I didn't feel it was ready yet- I'm missing a few things. So to hold you over I thought it would be fun to start a mini-series of Christmas gift guides. I started with "foodies" since I figure almost everyone likes food. 


1. Williams-Sonoma has this steak brander which is you can customize. Perfect for the meat eater/grill manning guy or gal on your list. I got it for my brother in law a few years ago and got the thumbs up. $40. You can find cheaper options on Amazon.

2. On sale for $159, this is a gorgeous knife set. It's hard to find a set of knives that good looking, let alone at that price.

3. How about some affordable, custom, kitchen art? This etsy shop has the cutest recipes all dolled up. 3 11x14 will set you back $60. Or you can always make your own version!

4. I'm not a huge mushroom fan but if you've ever met one, they don't hold back in sharing their mushroom feelings. Seriously. This little mushroom growing kit is adorable for $20.

5. Whiskey rocks. Men love them. [I think it makes them feel manlier not to have watered down drinks]. $20 gets you nine.

6. An at home beer brewing kit. I've always wanted to try it and for only $28 I'm not sure why I haven't.

7. I adore kitchen art if you haven't caught on. These charts remind you when fruits, veggies, and herbs go in and out of season in a eye-candy approved manner. Get all 3 for $60.

8. Talk about sentimental! Have a recipe scanned and engraved into a cutting board. Grandma's handwriting can add to the sweetness as a gift to your mum. For $30 I think it's pretty priceless. 

9. Uncommon goods has had this cutie duo for a long time and I've always loved it. Too bad I'm not a soup and sammy kind of girl. $30.

10. Perfect for the brewster in your family. Or the chart lover. Or both! $27

11. Have a drawer full of recipes? Or are you always calling your mum I like me? Maybe you're always turning your iphone/ipad on to see the next step? This is a must folks. A customize-able recipe book that's beyond gorgeous. My friend made one for her mum one year for Christmas. It was beautiful. Coated pages to protect. And a way to order and add more pages over time. Tabbed sections. A dedication page where you can add your own photo [she added one of her mom and her cooking when she was young]. I've been hoarding recipes and waiting until I felt I had enough. Silly! I need to get this started. It's only $30 for goodness sake! This would also be great if you had a kid going off to college or buying their first place. 

12. This was more for fun and giggles but maybe you have a vegetarian on your list you'd like to torture. How can you not love bacon?? 

I hope you enjoyed these ideas... more to come! 

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