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Greetings! I hope everyone had a delightful Thanksgiving. And I really hope you're lucky enough to be off for the rest of the weekend! Since I was on call we had a very lazy day, just the two of us and a Cracker Barrel dinner. It was classy. 

I did manage to gussy up our mantle in the name of Christmas. Here's the before shot... pretty bare bones. Just something I threw up as a placeholder. 

I emptied it and added our usual greenery and a letterpress tray I've had hanging around for a long time. At this point there was a lot of uncertainty.. the tray seemed so much shorter than the previous art it looked dinky. I rummaged around the house until I found an old seagrass/bulletin board style board and a wicker charger. 

The wreath I had from a previous year and used burlap, taped to the back of the tray to secure. I didn't want anything too permanent. I added some twine and Christmas cards I've saved from past years. To fill up the board, I found some fabric [the quarters for $2 at JoAnn's] that went with the room. I've used lots of greens and blues in the living room but have been sneaking in pink lately and I adore it. Oscar doesn't even mind! 

I used some embroidery hoops I already had and layered them with the cards. I love how it turned out and want to use the hoops later in the same room. This is by far the most I've ever put on my mantle and the most colorful. And I love it. I also sprinkled some wine corks and jingle bells into the letterpress tray. 

The stockings are knit and cream from Target a few years back but I think they still have similar ones. They're faux-stuffed. Shh! I also used some pom-poms with leftover pink embroidery floss. It's simple but super cute and easy. It also mimics the twine holding the cards above. And I like how there's lots of circular objects: embroidery hoops, pom-poms, the charger, and wreath. Mix that with the tray and cards, perfection. 

Hope you enjoyed the holiday inspiration... I can't wait for the tree!

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