for him gift guide

for him gift guide

I hope you guys enjoy these gift guides, because I love em. Maybe it's the digital window shopping without the guilt from purchasing, or finding new websites. But I love putting the collections together. First up on the list. 

1. A man bag. Oh yea. Maybe it's just me, but I love these on men. It means you carry important papers and are responsible. You could literally carry booze and naughty magazines and I wouldn't be the wiser. $99.

2. I love these grooming kits. I blame it on the fact that my dad had one growing up and I always wanted to use it. In a non-creepy kind of way, you know. $60.

3. A nautical little compartment to put your pills, loose change, bellybutton lint... I won't judge. $28

4. A leather iphone case. I want this for myself. On sale for $20, it's a no-brainer. 

5. A hot sauce sample kit for the man in your life that can handle the heat. $40 for 6. Check out the website for some great salsas too!

6. A flask. What more do I need to say? $42. Etsy has great selections too. 

7. P90X2 for the guy who couldn't get enough of the first set of DVD's [or the one complaining about his midline]. $140.

8. Ballpark blueprints for the baseball enthusiast. It's baseball, I'm pretty sure. It's not cheap but if he's a diehard fan, its a one-of-a-kind gift. $185

9. Wooden guitar picks. As if playing the guitar couldn't get any sexier. $30 for 4. 

10. A manly-chic bottle opener. Mmm. $22. 

11. Muscle rub salve. Just offer a little massage in return for some labor. How do you think my yard gets raked anyways? $10

12. If he's ever complained that the soap is "girly." $6

13. Solid cologne. Perfect for the man on the go.$8.

14. I just got this record player on sale at Target. I can't wait. There's something about music not coming from a computer. $50 on sale. 

15. Whiskey rocks, again. Love them. $20

16. A modern looking map. Athens, Manhattan, wherever. A sentimental, yet modern nod. $18

17. This shirt just gets me tickled pink every time I see it. Cat lovers only need apply. $25

18. How often do you see liquor that comes with a disclaimer, in regards to its heat index!? Seriously, I have no intention of ever using this but my Latin Lover may be interested. $50

Hope you enjoyed the selection. Safe shopping!


  1. love the real men love cats tshirt (:

    1. I want it for my hubby. He wasn't a "cat person" before we met and now he loves them. How could you not!?

  2. love these picture wishlist! how do you do them!?!?

    awesome list for him, I'll have to look into these! :)

    1. Polyvore! And some serious website stalking ;)

      It allows me too much cyber surfing time but I wish I could make these all day long!


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