more thanksgiving tablescapes

So Monday I shared my thanksgiving tablescape with you that I did in a flash. Last week I also shared Katie and Bob's apartment. Well, when I was there I decided to capture her little [but adorable] table as well as her mom's [who lives in the main house]. I think its cute because we both "blame" our craftiness on our mothers and you'll see why!

This is Katie's table. It used to be a white pedestal table that her grandmother owned. Katie painted it black [as well as the chairs] and reupholstered the seats. I think there's also a leaf and more chairs but hey, it's just the two of them in a tiny apartment. She used some cute placemats for texture. I think my favorite are the place settings though.

The plates are leftover mis-matching cream dishes from her wedding. The little succulents are also leftovers from her wedding. The bowl above was her grandmother's I believe, but I have one just like it from Pier 1. 

And in case you couldn't tell, the succulents are fake! They're from Hobby Lobby and she just added some sand on top. This container above is just a ball jar she spray painted white. 

 Debbie [Katie's mom] has more of a country taste. She spruced up her oak table with plaid placemats. The wicker chargers are a goodwill find for $1 each [I think]. And I love the apples in the bowls!

The centerpiece is a cute bucket that Katie and I found at Ikea. I really wanted it but couldn't justify the purchase since I wasn't sure what I'd do with it. But if I had a florist genius living with me like Katie does, I wouldn't have hesitated. Those purple and green sprigs are leftovers from Katie's wedding. Yea... there's a theme here! Sorry the photos are a bit shaky and blue... I didn't know how bad they were before I left, ha!

Hope you enjoyed my crafty friend/family tablescapes! Be back Friday.


  1. Love, love, love the mix matched white dishes...I'm actually purposely doing this look for my future home! :) I found all my dishes for 1.00 or .50 at yard sales and garage sales and am really happy with the random collection I've come up with!

    Her table looks beautiful by the way!!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

    1. that's exactly what she did! they didnt want to rent stuff for their wedding so they found dishes and silverware for super cheap- it turned out great!

    2. Awesome! I have yet to see all the dishes I've found together in once place since I've packed most of them as I've bought them...but I'm thinking about unpacking them just so I can see them all together lol.

      Blue Eyed Beauty Blog


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