styling bookshelves for christmas

Hello and happy almost-thanksgiving! Hope everyone is getting all their last minute errands done safely! We've had lots of accidents in the area lately and I know the town is crazy since I went out for some craft goodies today. I forgot it was T-day eve. Take your stress ball if you're headed out!

I'm working on my mantle but until I get that all done, I wanted to share my bookcases. We got these guys almost a year ago from Craigslist. They're from government offices that were auctioned off and were such a steal at $40. I'm such a sucker for glass door bookcases. We didn't have these last Christmas so I was really excited to decorate them this time around. I may end up tweaking them a bit and if I do, I'll share. But here they are so far: 

 This little "wrapped" looking ornament is from Target. They're adorable!

I think this is such an easy and perfect solution. Get a glass cylinder or even a ball jar [ i get mine super cheap from tjmaxx] and add ornaments, colorful ribbons, pinecones... whatever you have lots of.

I used a mini trifle jar [I think that's what you call it] and added these aged ornaments I got from Crate and Barrel a few years ago. I took all of my frames that were already in my bookcases and replaced them. For this one I used an extra card out of the ones we're sending off this year. If you save Christmas cards, this is a great use for them.

This cabinet has yet again left me frustrated. I have been on the hunt for a wide but narrow basket to fill that space. With my fluffy fur ball in its absence, I'm sure you'll deduce it hasn't happened yet. Right not it's a large void that glares at me daily. You'll be the first to know when I find said basket o' perfection.

Again, I framed another card we will be using this year [ i bought two packs]. Add some pinecones that are brushed with paint and ornaments. Done.

This little frame holds a cute napkin I picked up from Target. 

Here's the last one. The bottom boxes hold Charlie's toys and our cd's. Anytime it gets opened he runs to it, takes a toy and then replaces it with another one. It's like he knows satisfying my small OCD part of my heart will melt me. 

I kept it simple with another glass jar full of mini-ornaments. The above frame is holding another Target napkin. Obviously, they have quite the paper napkin selection. I filled up a pretty votive holder with some jingle bells.

Here's the top. A mix of trees and a clearance reindeer. Target, I'm sure. You're noticing a pattern, aren't you? 

I hope you found ideas you can use... can't wait to share my mantle with you!

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