thanksgiving tablescape

I’m really excited for today’s post… a thanksgiving tablescape! Once again, I’ll be on call for turkey day and wanted to partake in the excitement. So I set up a little thanksgiving table for inspiration. The colors were a mix of green, plum, chartreuse, red, and gold. I know it’s a lot but it really turned out well. Here’s a looksy.

  1. I obviously should have ironed the tablecloth in retrospect. But I didn’t and it really doesn’t bother me as much as it should.
  2. This was insanely easy to do. It took me about 20 minutes and that’s because I’m OCD about how my limes were settling with the pomegranates.
  3. I got all of the produce seen here at an “international market.” We have some stores that sell goods at a quarter of the price that big box stores sell them for. Seriously. The pomegranates were six for $15 at walmart [and I put them back] and for four at this place they were a slight $3. Sold.
  4. My candlesticks aren’t the same colors. There’s two that were more red than plum but it wasn’t noticeable until they were all out and about. It made me crazy [but not crazy enough to go back to the store].
  5. I spray painted those fake wishbones that I got here. I got 8 for $12 including shipping. I guess people buy these suckers for the vegans/vegetarians of the family [or if you’re just a nut like me] but I was very pleased. They even faux-break! I know it was unnecessary and I could’ve saved money by using artichokes, pomegranates, or leaves as a place setting but I think it “makes it.”

Here’s what the wishbones looked before I spray painted them:

And a wash of gold made all the difference. I’d leave them set for a good day or two to “off-gas” as they say in the industry. I’m sure it’s not totally kosher to have them setting on the napkins but I don’t think it’s that much of an issue.

So I just used some glass cylinders I had found at Target and filled them up with my cheap groceries. You could also use dried split peas, corn, nuts, or beans. The gold candle holders are a Target clearance find but you could spray paint any set to get the same look. I found the wicker chargers at goodwill awhile ago.

The silverware is west elm and let me tell you, I’m in love. Which is so weird. I’m not a “gold” kind of girl but it has been growing on me pretty heavily. I also used to HATE mixing gold and silver. I didn’t get it and thought of it as a no-no. But now I kind of love it. Oh how we change! Unfortunately, you may notice I have one set. I had a total blonde moment [no offense blondies], and bought one set after reading “five piece.” Yea I seriously thought five piece meant five place settings, added to my cart, checked out with free shipping, and went on with my life. I thought I got a whole set for $23. Who does that?! I promise I’m not on any hallucinogens, maybe it’s those spray painting fumes that got to me…

So now I’m watching the site waiting for an even better price because I’m not about to drop $100 just to finish off my set. Woe is me.

On a less embarrassing and depressing note, the votives are re-used. They were from my wedding and then my best friend’s wedding after she changed them up a bit. Don’t let their little lace cuteness fool you, they’ve been around.

I know this post is a little picture heavy but I couldn’t help myself! I really enjoyed this one :)


  1. looooove the little golden wishbones! i, too, have been embracing the golden goodness lately.. who'da thunk?

  2. I LOVE the wishbones! Totally bookmarked that site! Don't know when or how...but I'm having wishbones at a party...one way or another!


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