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I’m a clearance whore. It’s sick. I know I fall into their red sticker trap, but I just can’t help it. There’s nothing like seeing something you’ve had your eye one for a month at half off. Oh, just a few dollars eh, into my cart you go. What I love is finding things that are half way to perfection under $10. That’s what I have for you today.

I snagged these guys at a Target end cap. I’m not an orange person [and I doubt I’ll ever be] and the shade of green was just not my style. But I was on the hunt for boxes to corral our junk and these fit the bill and the budget. The tops were pretty lacquered up so when I got home I sanded them with fine sandpaper.

After wiping them off, I still saw some shiny spots so I sanded them again. Say that five times fast. Next, I taped off the edges very carefully with painters tape. I used my Martha craft paint to paint the small one blue. I used the chalkboard grey on the large one before realizing that I did have yellow paint leftover from our pantry project. Since this box would be in our dining room, near all the yellow accessories, I thought it was perfect. I was surprised that the coverage was so nice. After the grey coat I only used 2 coats of the yellow.

The blue box needed three coats and I added a coat of the leftover pearl paint and it really jazzed it up. I let them dry completely before fondling them. You know what I mean.

The yellow one sits up on our console table holding our computer chargers. I’ve tried to be a good girl and do all my office type stuff in my office but it just doesn’t work. We live mostly downstairs so it only makes sense that as I cook and work on projects, I’m near my computer. I blog downstairs and hang out with Oscar, or Charlie who likes constant attention. So I wanted a place to put our chargers when we weren’t using them. And it makes me cheery just to look at.

I put the blue one on our glassed bookcases. I'm ok with it for now but it'll change. I know it's a bit wood on wood overload but I'll be fixing it up for the holidays so I'm alright with it now. I keep stroking the yellow one, amazed it turned out much better than I expected the pairing of wood and yellow to go. 

I’m a firm believer of making things work for you- especially if it’s on clearance. Look at the bones, not the color. Anything can be altered [usually] with some creative thinking. Even if you love curtains but they’re the shorter version, picture them with a two foot edging of a darker, coordinating color that you can get done at the dry cleaners. Maybe there’s a lamp that just needs a different shade or a coat of spray paint. Look at things differently [and in different places] and you’re home will thank you! See you Friday.

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