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I am beyond thrilled to show you our cabinet makeovers! It's a little shameful of how long it took to do literally three cabinets, but I keep reminding myself that I have a day job. Disclaimer: please ignore the ugly lower cabinets in the pictures. I had decided not to paint them, assuming we would get new countertops and I didn't want to risk chipping painted cabinets. But now that the top is painted and I see the white next to the green, I think I could handle green countertops. I can't believe I just said that. I couldn't stand them. But now I honestly don't mind them. Plus, we're focusing our efforts on making our home pretty and sell-able, not our dream home. So I'll tuck away my dreams of butcher block counters... for now. 

Please enjoy the before photos... they are quite excruciating. This first one is when the renter's still lived here. Obviously, there was plenty of "stuff," the knobs were brass, and the doors were on.

Here they are with a fresh coat of paint and then without their doors [we lived like this for a few months to see if dust was an issue- it wasn't].

We then got rid of the middle support beams. I can hear my father pissing and moaning in the back of my head. But we did some research and apparently since our cabinets aren't very wide, we should be fine. Also note that we removed the middle beam of just one cabinet and lived that way for over a year. I don't have a year's worth of patience, just a 365 day adversity to getting things done. 

So when that little cabinet didn't sag, even with our goodies on its shelves, we felt we were in the clear. I felt worse case scenario I could either manage replacing the one beam we removed or scrap all of the cabinets for floating shelves. I had seriously pondered the floating shelves for a long time, but it came down to cost and time. I also don't have the best track record with floating shelves and worried that I would create a costly and depressing shelf situation. It's like the situation room with anchors and brackets. Where's Wolf when you need him??

So we prepped and painted the cabinets. And it was amazing. The inside shelves which are a laminate type material took the paint really well. In fact, it may have taken the paint better than the actual oak. We filled all of the holes we knew we weren't going to use [the ones that hold the shelves up]. That ended up making the cabinets look much more "built-in" than before. We also spray painted the little metal clips that hold up the shelves.

Here's the after ...errr, progress photos... enjoy!

You'll notice there are some frames layered in with cute greeting cards we already had on hand. In fact, everything you see we already had hanging around. 

I hope you enjoyed! I can't wait to start on the rest and get this kitchen into tip-top shape! We are currently looking around for cabinet pulls before we go any further. 


  1. This is so much better and also in my style. Seems we have similar taste!

  2. Thank you! It's like a breath of fresh air. Can't wait to finish it!

  3. This looks amazing, I love it! I agree, you found a way to make those green countertops look good! :)


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