christmas list: for the kids

Hello again! I hope you're being patient with me. Work, once again, is taking over my life. But we still have some big plans I can't wait to share with you. Nothing like the beginning of a makeover, at Christmas, with little budget! Sounds like fun, doesn't it? 

I'm hoping to get a few more of these Christmas lists pumped out before the big 2-5. And I hope you like them... I love making them. I have so much fun hunting goodies down to make them. Almost makes me wish I had more people on my list.... almost.

So lets get started...

kid christmas list
1. This cute little print is an etsy find [big surprise , but I think it's adorable and for $35 it wont set you back. 

2. $24 for a linen crown. Find a similar one here.

3. I usually don't go for clothes with phrases but this one made me giggle.$18. They also have shirts and other options.

4. I've got a sweet spot for lincoln logs. Although mine were rounded, I won't play favorites. $24.

5. A wonderful way to keep a kid occupied for a few hours. $22.

6. Cutest dino-sweater combo ever. $38. 

7. A friend of mine makes these. The sets are to die for. $15 for just a pot or you can shell out a little more and get fabric cups, cookies, sugar cubes, tea bags, lemons, tea cup saucers. Seriously. This chick is amazing. Her etsy site doesn't really show you much though so check out her facebook page for some amazing photos.

8. I'm a sucker for wooden toys. $20.

9. I love anything that supports kids reading and learning. I remember having custom bookplates, and for a girl with a hard-to-come-by name, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. $16 for 24. 

10. $88 scores the coolest swing ever. Or you could always use a tire. Make sure you "test it out" yourself before though... just to make sure.

11. I know there's the whole forehead scanner out there but I really liked this one for the little ones. $13.

12. Because where else can you buy power for only $12? This would make my day, at any age.

13. $26 and your little one will be on his way to paparazzi-dom. They have ones with straps, too.

14. Aprons are just so adorable. And if your kid is a picky eater, cooking with them will make life a little easier on the both of you. $20.

15. I adore this. I'm considering having a child just so I can snag it. $30. 

16. Moms will adore you. Pacifier clip. Enough said. $5

17. For $15 your kids can be super heroes. I've actually bought two of these for my nephews and they are so well made and adorable. Everything can be customized. 

18. I realize that at $48, it's a bit insane. But I think every kid should have at least one well-made "special" stuffed animal. And this one's the cutest. 

Hope you enjoyed... I'm really excited to get some work done and share it with you!

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