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Hello! I hope everyone is checking things off their list and focusing on what really matters this Christmas season. This will be my last "gift guide" and I figured I would do the ladies last, since in all honesty, it's the men out there doing the last minute shopping. But I know a few chicas who fit into this category as well! I honestly just picked a few things that I liked. And with shipping possibly being an issue so close to C-day, think of this as a rough guide.

gift guide for her

0. Artwork. Something with a sentimental value is the best. This is a modern take on a map of Charleston, SC- where we had our honeymoon. $35 wont hurt the wallet.

1. I've had a thing for this bag for a long time, but at over $100, I won't be shelling out the buckeroos. Chances are your girl doesnt treat herself to nice things all the time. Go ahead and do it for her. 

2. I love these crocheted slippers. And my feet would be beyond happy [and warm]! $30 but there's cheaper versions on etsy. 

3. I'm in love with books that are artsy and full of inspirational quotes. Again, something I want but wouldn't want to pay for. $9

4. $5 for the girl who likes to get everything in one trip

5. It's amazing the quality pieces of jewelry you can find on etsy. Just be sure to sneak a peak at said lady's style before ordering. Silver or gold? Small or big? $17

6. I love to go mugs. We go through them like crazy. I bought this adorable, homemade, ceramic mug for my sister a few years ago. I asked her if it leaked or if she had any problems and she said she loved it. Just dont leave it on your car roof. $24.

7. Chances are, if you're the hubby/boyfriend/whatever you're thinking of a little negligee to slip into the stocking. Do us both a favor and compromise. I'm in love with these lace boxers. $32

8. A massage or a facial. Because you CAN'T go wrong there. If anyone is listening....

9. I adore frames with texture. $20 at anthro. 

10. This is what I need. A clutch that's big enough to throw my cards, keys, and phone into without losing them. $25. 

So there you have it! If you're still stumped: gift cards are an easy out but a crowd pleaser, as well as subscriptions to favorite magazines. That's a favorite for me. If she has a pinterest account, check it out. Look for a theme. Besides dream homes and Ryan Gosling [unless you have connections, in which case please email me]. Oscar would understand. I mean the guy buys bakers twine in every color, ok?

Anyone have any ideas? Leave them in the comment section!

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