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Hola! We are sanding our cabinets in between work days and I hope to have some progress for you soon in that department. Until then... I've made another Christmas list/ gift guide. This one's for couples or newlyweds. Since I was a newlywed last year, and my besties are this year, I thought that made me an expert. No? Ok, well I still think these are great options. You could always use some of these as anniversary gifts as well! And ignore the prices on a lot of these... most of these are things you can make yourself!

couple gift list

1. Obviously, this is for the person who has money to spare. But what I would give for this opportunity! I've always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. Costs vary depending on where you live. $200-600. But keep an eye out for a Social Living coupon or some other goodie. And it doesn't have to be that. It can be any experience... horseback riding, a cooking lesson, or even a fancy night out on the town. Add some babysitting coupons if they apply to sweeten the deal.

2. For $25 these his and hers mugs are too cute.

3. Custom calendars. Zazzle, Lulu, and other photo websites offer these at nice rates, usually with a coupon code available. Be sneaky and get photos from one of them or a friend. They'll think of you all year round :) Approximately $25

4. $80 for 2 stockings. There's cheaper versions out there but I'm a sucker for burlap. I think the only reason we have one variety of stockings here is that I'm beyond indecisive. I love them all.

5. A tiny, $16 tool box is perfect for the couple just starting out. We like to keep some tools upstairs so we aren't constantly up and down the stairs, looking for one flat head screwdriver. 

6. Custom stationary. It won't ever go out of style. If you think it's too posh for your couple, check out etsy's selection. This one is $80 but there are plenty of affordable options. 

7. Embroidery hoop art. To die for. Love love love. You can get customized ones, or if you have an inside joke pertaining to a movie, there's lots of those. You'd be surprised what you can find on Etsy. Notice a theme? I'm obsessed. Prices vary or do it yourself.

8. If you give a girl a husband, she'll want to keep track of them. Bamboo magnetic memo board, $24. 

9. $35 for a linen and lace stocking. I can't get enough. I shall purchase them and wear them as house slippers.

10. $10 gets you three vintage love letters from the same couple. Maybe I'm just being ultra hormonal [no mum, not preggo]... I just think it's uber sweet and would love to get a glimpse of a love life from the 30's. Kind of like letters to juliet...

11. A diy version would be perfect too, a first year married ornament. Forgive the rough edges. Polyvore would not cooperate. And I know, $38. Thats why I mentioned diy. 

12. I adore these leather luggage his and hers tags. $26

13. I have been eyeing these cute pillowcases for awhile. There's some mr & mrs claus ones too but I think these are my favorite and year-round friendly. $29. This is diy-able if you aren't me.

14. $24 will barely break the bank and if you have an unhealthy taste for state-themed art, you can't go wrong. Add some names and a little heart, I'm sold. 

15. I would love this. No need to buy customized labels, just have a stamp made for their return address and they're done. $35

Merry shopping :)


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