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This past Wednesday was the best day ever. Katie and I managed to get the day off and had planned to meet John and Sherry at the FLOR event for their book signing but we also decided to make a day of it. I have never loved DC more. I’m not sure if it was the Christmas atmosphere, the ease of navigating, or just the fact I was there with one of my favorite people getting to meet my blogging heroes. These are all iphone pictures. So get over it.

We got a late start thanks to Katie oversleeping. You’ll see why I don’t hold it against her later. We took the metro and when we got off we decided to eat lunch. Noodles and company. Delightful. I’m pretty sure it’s a chain but it was new to us and I loved the amount of choices and healthy options. I got potstickers and a small Italian dish.

We went over to the zoo. A lot of animals were sleepy. But we still saw some cool stuff and hey, it was free. At this point it was about 3. We had wanted to get a tattoo [well, I did], eat dinner, and still make it over to get in line by 5 for YHL at FLOR. Yeah, it wasn’t going to happen. There was this moment where we had a hard time deciding. We would be rushed if I got the tattoo and may not get dinner, but at the same time I didn’t want to chicken out. This was my first one, I had done plenty of research and knew where I wanted to go, and I didn’t want to go back to my hubby and co-workers without one. I knew if I was ever going to do it, I just needed to push myself and do it now. After all, I’ve been thinking about getting tattoos for about 10 years. And I’ve thought of this one for over a year. It came down to the fact that there were going to be snacks at the FLOR event, so all “hangry” possibilities were kept at bay.

We decided on getting the tattoo and walked the two miles there. That’s a lot of time to mull something over and ponder. Really, I was just worried about the pain. I’m an absolute sissy. I’ve never broken any bones. You know why? Because even as a kid I was cautious. I knew I didn’t want to feel that pain. This little one didn’t take chances. Oh no, you go ahead and jump off that rock, or play that sport. I’ll be over here talking the ear off this other sports-challenged fellow.


I felt sick to my stomach. Few things get me worked up like this but I had really built it up in my mind. The hardest part was when we were standing outside the door. After that, it was all downhill. It probably took just over an hour, waiting, talking, stenciling or whatever they do, and then… inking! The pain was nothing. My artist said I would feel silly, and part of me did. But I’d much rather feel silly than horror.

yes, i understand tattoos are permanent. 

 I know tattoos are everyone’s thing. Don’t bother scolding me; I’ve heard it all before. I’m pretty lacidasical about certain things. If you don’t like it or think I’m crazy, so be it. In fact, I’ll agree with you. I just got a Hanson tattoo on my ankle. That’s crazy. And I got in honor of my bestie, the girl who knows me up and down. I’m really proud of our relationship and ability to understand each other. I think our friendship is a rarity.

I had tried to talk Katie into matching tattoos. A girl can dream. If you know Katie, you’re smiling. She’s a type A girl, and I say that with a full heart. She’s fun, but not tattoo-fun. Risk taking for her is running across the street when the red sign is blinking. So I’ll keep whispering in her ear but I won’t hold my breath.

Does anyone else find it funny that my artist had long blonde hair? Anyone? I kept that thought to myself, you know, since he was in control of my forever-tattoo. But it took a lot to bite my tongue.

We walked another mile back to the metro and took it to the FLOR event. We had a good two miles from there and we got going. We were going along M street with no problems. We passed streets in numerical pattern. It was something like 26, 27, 28, Wisconsin. Seriously. We were doing really well with navigating up until then. In reality, I think we were right on track but the named street freaked us out. We had been chatting away so we figured we must have missed something. I pulled aside and took out my phone just to look at the map. 

That’s when Katie gasped. This is nothing new. In fact I didn’t look up immediately. Katie gasps a lot, especially in the city. A fast biker that got too close, a honking horn, you get the picture.
But then she said, “it’s them!” And there was John and Sherry heading for us! I’m sure I had a goofy smile on my face too. And as they were coming closer to us it took me a minute to realize that they weren’t going to recognize me. I quickly asked them if they could help us make our way there! And they did. And I took this candid photo of them. Creepy, I’m sure. It’s what I was going for. And really, you're not famous until you have creepers, so you're welcome John and Sherry.

We had to go our separate ways. I could tell they didn’t want to, but I told them we’d see them later. The line was not too bad considering we were only an hour early. In line we made some friends. A rat ran through and stirred some screaming and curse words. There was an amazing cookie truck. It was glorious. Warm, fresh cookies with hot chocolate. Sold. We replayed our wonderful bump-in, noting all the things during the day that placed us in the perfect spot. Yeah, we’re a little sick.

There was also popcorn and wine. Which was an odd combo but it worked for us. We discussed spray paint with friends in line. I jumped up and down and giggled wayyyy too much. It was sickening. I was completely awe struck. There’s only two celebrities that get me all hot and bothered [Hanson, and YHL]. Now you know.

We both had no idea what to say when we finally got up to see them. I wanted to be witty but really I was going to be happy if I didn’t make a complete ass of myself. When we went up, Sherry asked Katie about her owl that she had brought to be signed. When she turned it over, there was Bob’s name. Bob is my cousin, Katie’s husband. We noticed it on the ride over and thought it was a little odd he signed it but sometimes Bob does things like that so we just shrugged it off. “Um yea, sorry, Bob signed that first…”

Then Sherry said, “you just got married, didn’t you?” Ummm. What? I think we both had blank stares while we were piecing things together. We thought, maybe she read Katie’s blog but how in the world would she have found it? She put it together for us. Apparently, Bob emailed them and told them we were coming! It was so mind-blowing, and exciting. It gave us something to talk about. I squealed and jumped up and down again. I might be missing something. It was all a blur. A fantastic blur. I’m not sure any of my sentences were coherent.

And then I signed their yearbook and didn’t realize until a few days later I made a typo. Caroline fail.

So that's last wednesday in a nutshell. And I'm sure I get the award for saying "this is the best day ever... ever!" the most. Seriously. I even annoyed myself. But I still couldn't stop.


  1. it really was THE best day ever! second, only to my wedding of course ;) i'm so proud of all we accomplished in one short day: trains, escalators from hell, navigating the city, thai food, tattoos, and meeting YHL. i foresee more trips to D.C. in our future - maybe with husbands in tow (if they can keep up!)

    love you, best fran!

    1. It was perfect wasn't it?! I can't wait to go back either!!!

  2. I was there too! Too bad we weren't smart like you to get there super early...we stood in line for two hours! Totally worth it though, what a fun experience and great chance to hang out with my friend! Your blog is so cute! Check out my YHL book signing story here.

    1. I think the link is wrong but I found it on your site... and I'm in one of the pictures! Weird!!


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