merry christmas [eve]

I just wanted to wish everyone an early merry Christmas. I wanted to share the cabinets with you but I'm still working on some last minute details and I didn't want to take photos until it was perfect. That will be coming to you Monday. In the meantime, enjoy our family photos, taken by my cousin the photographer:

Yes, we were going for the "crazy" look. It's all the rage. Check out Charlie's faces in the first two photos. He totally makes them. It's like he knew what we were going after and he got deep into character. Unfortunately, he has yet to break scene. 

Otis wasn't digging the crazy sweater theme. And I assume Lolita wasn't either since she isn't pictured :(

Hope you guys have a fantastic and safe holiday!


  1. the first picture is so adorable, that is exactly what my dog is like!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    1. thank you so much sammy! he's a handful... it's just starting to snow here so we're excited to see his reaction.

      have a safe and merry christmas!


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