november 2012 instagram dump

Happy December! Can you believe it? I feel like the older I get the more I'm blown away as time flies. Enjoy November...

1. I bleached some stained curtains. Brilliant I say. Remember this for later on in the post.
2. My new favorite shirt. It's always hard for me and color.
3. Pizza with mum.
4. Christmas goodies. Out. Before Thanksgiving. I blamed in on the blog.

5. I got this beautiful light on sale at west elm after many a'moon of lusting.
6. Happy perioperative nurses week!

7. Otis. He's not sure if he wants to sit or stand. So he did both.
8. Pinterest has new secret boards. I'm in love. I'd share them with you but then I'd have to kill you.
9. Cookie season is officially here. And in my belly.
10. Who could walk past this?

11. Umm... I love my cat, ok?
12. Cooking with wine. That's all you really need to know.
13. West elm receipt with design to boot.
14. I got my YHL book. Seriously. I tried to make it last longer but who am I kidding. I couldn't put it down.

15. Mushroom-farro stuffing for the healthy minded.
16. I love discount food stores. #onlywayweeataroundhere

1. My first tattoo ever. It's my constant shout out to my bff in pic numero dos

2. YHL book signing in DC. Epic. I was obnoxiously chipper. There was jumping and giggling.
3. The cookie truck. Warm cookies. Hot cocoa. Enough said.
4. We bumped into John and Sherry in DC. My life is complete.

5. Obviously, this is not in order. Isn't it funny my tattoo artist has long blonde hair? An ode to my tattoo. I didn't dare point out the irony to him.
6. The gallery included an owl with lady boobs. Weird. 

7. Noodles and Company. Caroline is impressed.
8. Metro still has style
9. My bestie's mantle is adorable. Wish I could find my old "faux presents" because I wasn't in the mood for re-making them.

10. Her tree too! Love the window sash all gussied up.
11. Homemade beans, rice, and tortillas. #yesplease #besthubby
12. My new record player. Now I just need records...
13. Snickerdoodles. Three times. Perfected. You're welcome. 
14. Coming home from call Thanksgiving night...err... black friday morning. It's the little things.
15. A mantle preview. 

16. JoAnn's. After I accidentally went to Michaels out of habit. 
17. Oscar's sexy-ugly sweater for our Christmas photos.

18. Bonefish grill wontons... a dinner out for Dad's very belated birthday.
19. Posh father always wearing his best.
20. Remember those washed curtains? #shrunkthem #idiotoftheyear #diyfail

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