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First and foremost, my heavy heart goes out to all of the victims and families involved in the Newton shooting. I can't even fathom and I care not to. This is one of those times when I'm happy we don't have television. Every time I turn on the car, the radio is going on and on with details I don't care to know. It's all just too painful and sickening. I feel that the best way to support the families during such an unthinkable time in their lives would be to turn off the news and donate here. United Way is providing support and resources and even just a little bit will help. With that said, ever since I heard the news, I've been keeping myself busy with our cabinets and avoiding Facebook. 

 When I left off, I had just emptied our cabinets and filled our unwanted holes with wood filler. Next, I sanded them with a medium grit sandpaper. I was a nervous nellie. I had heard so many horror stories and there's so much emphasis out there on cabinet prepping being the most important step. So I went to town. I think we sanded twice with the medium paper. 

Then, I used this stuff. Liquid sandpaper. They don't teach this stuff in school, folks. This is not something to fully rely on in place of actually sanding. I mean, you could, but when it comes to your cabinets, I wouldn't take the chance. It's actually low VOC and biodegradable but you'll still need gloves. Luckily, I got's access. It is pretty stinky so you'll want to ventilate as much as possible. You just wipe it on and wipe it off. Simple. It did seem to take off some of the sheen but it was hard to tell how much it worked. But again, I was feeling paranoid. 

After that, we sanded twice with fine grit sandpaper. The back of our cabinets are a laminate type material, as well as our shelves. This is what I was really nervous about. I was afraid they would repel the paint, especially since they looked the same even after sanding. 

We chose Zinsser latex base primer. I did one coat. I wanted to do a second, but I had read something online about "over-priming" and freaked myself out. I figured if there wasn't enough coverage, I could always add more paint. 

These were our cabinets with one coat of primer:

Obviously, it's rough looking but that's par for the course with primer. It's supposed to be that way. Notice we have the green frog tape. I'm using it for the first time and so far I like it. We shall see. 

This is how I painted the interior of my cabinets: 

I used a pretty wet angled brush [not dripping, though] and lined the edges. I made it pretty wide and tried to keep it clean looking, but it doesn't have to be perfect. You just dont want anything like a drip line that will harden and stay there. So I go around the edges like the above picture shows, then I use a small foam roller [made for cabinets] and fill in the middle, overlapping on the edges of what I can get. 

This photo shows the order I go in. I do the back panel first, and the top next. Although you could always do the top first. Next are the sides. The bottom is last since I had splatter and a few drops every now and then from the top. 'E' denotes the little edge of the frame. I would use my roller to squish into the 90 degree angle and then roll it outwards from there. Do this before you do 'F,' the actual frame that faces outward, because it will create a bead of paint that will need to be smoothed over anyways.

This is what we used as our paint. To be honest, I had done some research but when it came down to it, I didn't want to go on a wild goose chase looking for something that someone else had used and not be able to find it. So I asked the pro at the Lowes counter for a high quality latex paint that I would be able to use on cabinets. Done and done. I've found when in doubt, ask the lady or sir that works those aisles. They really are pros from that industry and if they don't know something, they don't guess, they find out for you. That's a big thing to me. But usually, they know. And he didn't hesitate so I was all in. I know that the can says paint and primer in one, but I didn't feel that it acted that way [maybe because it wasn't a wall?]. And Mr. Lowes Paint Man said it would be fine. 

The color is "true white." I would highly recommend comparing your top choice to other similar colors before choosing. What I had in my hands looked freakishly yellow when held up to this white chip. Also, I found a "handout" or whatever you'd like to call it with several whites on it. That helped me a lot. I chose the whitest white I could find. And I love it. 

Here we are at one coat: 

You can still see a lot of lines and general lack of consistency. A second coat almost had us there:

 Yes, that's a beach towel I'm using as a cloth drop. I painted in real clothes [such a risk taker, I am]. That drill is dead. All of these photos were taken at night. Boo. And yes, I'm totally regretting not doing the second coat of primer. I'll experiment with the other kitchen cabinets and let you know how that goes. I love our new white cabinets but they make me hate our lower, ORANGE, oak cabinets even more! Baby steps, I guess.

Here she is in the third coat, in all her glory.

So white and glorious I can barely stand it. Barely, I say. Next up we have to paint the shelves that go in there and underneath the cabinets. And then, well, I have to keep it in small bits or I get totally overwhelmed with the amount of stuff to do in that kitchen. At least I'll have a wall [or upper wall] of white amazingness to stare at and sigh. Whilst the rest of the kitchen is in chaos. 

Until then,

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