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Happy Monday! I spent the weekend working, sneezing, and demo-ing. So far it's just my allergies but since EVERYONE at work has been sick, I'm nervous. So although I'm pooped and it'll be awhile until I can recharge, I wanted to share some good news with you. 

I have a lack of self control. This is evident in multiple ways, but let's not go there. I have been thinking of working on our kitchen for a long time. Really, ever since before we moved in. There are so many things I would LOVE to do in there. However, we have plans to move from here. We aren't really sure when but we want our updates to be fast and affordable. I need to do it on the cheap so I can move on to other projects. We bought our house as a fixer-upper and hope to make it look half decent by the time it's on the market. With us wanting to move sooner and renovations taking longer, you get my point. 

I have been putting off working on our kitchen for the past two weeks. I mean, who starts an albeit slow mini-reno two weeks before Christmas? Err... we do. And I couldn't be happier.

This is the long wall on our kitchen. Great storage. But that's all its really ever done for me. I'm not an orangey-oak kind of girl. I'm sorry. I'm an open shelving, white painted cabinets, brackets, floating shelves girl. I'm obsessed. I don't care if its a fad. I don't care if someone won't like it. Mine name is Caroline and I like to paint wood. And I like open shelving. 

So long ago, that's what I had decided I wanted for our kitchen. After lots of consideration, I wanted to remove the upper cabinets and replace them with open shelves and brackets.

open shelving

Click the link to go to polyvore for sources. That was before we thought of moving sooner than expected. And it would have cost a few hundred, at least, as well as being time consuming. So I bit the bullet and decided to keep 'em after spotting this gorgeous photo.

It encouraged me that it would still look good. So we emptied out the cabinets. 

You may notice a few things. I had considered our final conclusion [keeping the outer cabinet frames] long ago, with removing the center piece. I had done research and asked some pros about being able to take out the center post. I was told that normally you wouldn't want to do that. But because my cabinets weren't very wide, I should be able to get away with it.

So I took out the center beam of one cabinet, about nine months ago to see if the cabinet would sag from the weight over time. If you stack your cabinets with a lot of dishes or something else, I would reconsider. I figured since it had weathered my books over nine months, I was in the clear. Also, over the nine months, I didn't dust once. Shameful, I know. But the amount of dust on the shelves were minimal at best. I have two cats and a dog, so I think that's something to say.

I had my Latin Lover saw away the remaining support beams. 

Then I had him remove the center cabinet. Since this one was longer, I wouldn't have been able to remove the center beam without it sagging. And I felt like the center beam broke it up too much. I felt that it would look good with a center opening where I could put art or something. 

It took a lot for Oscar to get that darned cabinet out. It may have something to do with the drill being uncharged. Or me not wanting to wait for said drill to charge. Let's be thankful he's a persistent booger. And luckily, he's just as good at fixing drywall as he is at tearing it up. 

He patched the drywall while I determined the spot for all the shelves. Once I figured that out, I left the shelf hinges in place. I would patch all the other holes with wood filler. Although it needed some sanding and another coat, it already looked less distracting.

I can't wait to have it all sanded, primed, and painted! Baby steps, I guess. 

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