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I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I have amazing friends. Like, crazy talented friends who take on any project with such gusto it'll make you nauseous  With that said, grab your in flight bag and hold on. I've mentioned Katie before- my sister from another motha. Well she works as a cute librarian and befriended Jessica. Jessica is everything you'd ever want to be: pretty, creative, great at photography, and witty to boot. They're the perfect pair and I'm glad I've gotten to hang out with her. Needless to say, the library get's a lot of events and since they've both been deemed the crafty queens of the library, they end up doing a lot. 

But I'll let Katie say it, since she sent me an entire document, I felt I didn't have to embellish. All of the photography was done by Jessica [I told you, be jealous] and they both crafted their little hearts out for a co-workers baby shower. 

"A few months ago, Jessica and I were elected to be in charge of the decorations for our co-worker’s baby shower. We work at the library in our small town and so naturally, the shower was to be held in one of the library’s meeting rooms. Unfortunately, the meeting rooms aren’t exactly… aesthetically appealing (read: large beige box).  Our mission: transform the empty, classroom-esque space into an enchanting area fit for a baby shower.

We cranked out everything you see below in one week’s time. Apparently we work best under pressure ;) We had a very small budget [$50], which had to cover plates, napkins, and cups, along with all the décor. You’d be surprised how quickly that money disappears. In fact, I might have gone $10 over budget… whoopsie. It was worth it, though. We tried to keep costs down by using items we already had on hand and of course,
by hand making A LOT of stuff.

Our biggest challenge was the sheer size of the room. Seriously, it’s gargantuan. Tall ceilings + a 75 person capacity = too much damn space. We combated this issue by simply not using half of the room. Our theory was that we could get a bigger bang for our buck if we focused all of our efforts on just a portion of the room, rather than trying to skimpily decorate the whole thing.

Runner up in the challenge department was the massive beige wall behind our focal table. It was just fugly and definitely did not jive with our color scheme. The easiest and cheapest solution we found was actually a roll of vinyl tablecloths. We were able to hang panels of it, achieving a sort of wall papered look. It wasn't perfect, but it got the job done.

We wanted to have all of the focus on our dessert table, so we took advantage of the vertical space and made these paper pom poms out of various colors and sizes of tissue papers. I’ll admit, these were a bit of a time sucker, but they were by far my favorite aspect of the decorations and I would never buy them premade. We also picked up a few paper lanterns to just add a little more visual interest to our paper chandelier.

For even more impact, we [and by we I mean another coworker of ours] made a ridiculously long paper chain out of pink and purple strips of paper, as well as strips of old book pages. We draped it strategically over the food and gift tables to draw your eye to the center of the room.
And, thanks to leftover supplies, the paper chain was a total freebie.

For the dessert table, I bought some papier-mâché letters to spell out the word “baby”. I painted them pink and then used modge-podge to glue scrapbooking paper to the front side. I also made a bunting out of paint chips and more scrapbooking paper that spells out the baby’s name: Mazie.

Here some close-ups of the cuteness:

For the tables that people would be sitting at, we kept things simple. We used white tablecloths with a single centerpiece surrounded by tons of paper flowers. The centerpieces were vases with sticks and twigs from Jessica’s yard that had smaller paper flowers glued on them. We made the flowers out of ordinary colored copy paper, as well as pages of an old book. We thought it was cute to incorporate the book pages into the décor here and there seeing how Michal, the guest of honor, is a librarian! I can’t even tell you how many paper flowers we made that week, but it was so worth the effort!

In the end, I think we were able to achieve a very whimsical atmosphere for Michal’s baby shower. I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out and it was really fun to brainstorm ideas, make things, and then see it all come together.  Hope you enjoyed my novel and Jessica’s lovely photographs!
Here’s a few more [because I just can’t help myself]"


I pretty much died over the little flowers and the mini- pinwheels. I really hope this baby understands what an awesome shower she just had. I hope she comes out writing thank you notes. "I was ga-ga over those oreo truffles, you guys are the best!" Get it? 

But really, Katie got those truffles off of the Brown Eyed Baker, and there may have been a leftover one saved for muah. It never had a chance. Twas amazing. And truffles aren't nearly as glamorous as you would think. There's nothing classy about inhaling one while looking over your shoulder and wiping the crumbs away. 


  1. Just stopped on over from Pinterest. This is beyond adorable! You gals did a great job. I have a few baby showers coming up and I am hoping to use some of your ideas. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Candi!

      I had a cute wall made from crepe paper too that I thought would be perfect for a baby shower...


      Hope it goes well!


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