december 2012 instagram dump

This is just a monthly roundup of my december instagoodness. This month is more limited in quantity than previous months due to an abundance of call. You can thank the hospital ;]

1. I know I'm biased but I think our animals are the cutest. Especially when they put their paws over their faces. I just died. 

2. I made cookies [what little I could this month] for co-workers. I used leftover containers from our wedding and painters tape. It worked.

3. Our cabinet makeovers. I'm so in love. It's everything I dreamed of and more. Cant wait to tackle the rest of the kitchen!

4. A lovely homemade ornament from my bestie. 

5. Out to eat while bridesmaid dress shopping with the girls. I heart blackboard art.

6. Again, ze dresses. Almost made me want to do it all over again. Almost.

7. Homemade potstickers totally got me out of my no-cooking rut. 

8. Pretty packaging always makes me happy.

9. It was a white Christmas around these parts :]

1. My latin lover is a fan of craft beers and I enjoy picking them out for him.

2. Our makeovers in their beginnings. 

3. My man getting all brute force. Take that you silly beam!

4. Free dinner at a fancy shmancy place. Oh yea.

5. Christmas tree huntin!

6. Lowes and I were reunited after way too long. 

7. Ear food. My first vinyl. Heaven. 

8. A drive thru winter wonderland.

9. We did not pay the almost $20 to ride the ferris wheel #bahumbug

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