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So I was a little unrealistic in my plan to share the hallway with you by today. Not going to happen [although we are seeing progress]! So to hold you over I created this little project a few weeks ago. I'm still looking for the perfect spot since it's a very dark piece [the currently living room collage is very light]. Maybe the new hallway gallery will be perfect! We'll see! 

I had purchased some 'dead' butterflies off of Etsy awhile ago. I spent about $20 total for the shadow box [on sale at Michael's] and the butterflies on sale at Etsy. I'm sure if you lingered long enough at a goodwill store you'd come across some but I liked the idea of shopping for our 'home colors.' And I love shopping from my phone. Click. Done. 



So this is one of those posts where you don't do exactly as teacher does... do as I say, not as I do. Learn from my mistakes. I thought it would be a good idea to use super glue. And I don't think that was my necessary downfall. My downfall included my clumsy hands and lack of fine motor control. It was one hot butterfly mess in here for a good ten minutes. Several times I literally had super glued a delicate butterfly to my hand. And somehow I managed not to completely ruin them. I was trying to use a pen as well and they would stick to my pen. 

The cute butterfly up top took it pretty bad. His middle is all cut in thirds. Since the background was dark, I figured I could get away with it. It'll just be our dirty little secret. I'm pretty sure his ghost will haunt me forever though. Sorry dude.

Hoping to get a better daytime photo for you! Enjoy!

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