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So Monday I shared some organizational tips that work for us. I have more today but keep in mind, I was incredibly aware that I shared too much in my first post. Meaning I wandered around my home looking for anything organized to photograph and came up somewhat empty handed. It’s more like I have organizational systems [like in our closet], they’re just not being… utilized. Yep. We’re slobs. But here are some carefully edited photos of small areas that are under control. You’re welcome.

Jewelry: If you follow me on instagram then you saw that Better Homes and Gardens reposted an organizational photo of mine to their page. Oh, the irony! But, I’ll give it to them, how are they to know I’m not really organized anyways? They reposted a photo I took of this cute egg crate. It’s ceramic [from anthropologie]. I have since found cheaper ones at World Market and Target has smaller, red ones.

This is good for me since I don’t have much jewelry [I can’t wear it at work and often don’t think of it when I’m not working]. I keep mine in a small drawer so I don’t have to worry about dust. I keep extra necklaces and bracelets in a little box nearby. I like it because I can see everything at a glance.

In the next small drawer I have a little box from walmart that has separators. I fold Oscar’s ties and the occasional belt and place them in there. I’m sure some fashionista out there is gasping. We should probably have some fancy tie rack that hangs in our closet. But for some reason this is where we ended up and I don’t mind.

Entry closet: Pardon the ugliness. This is one of those examples of ‘let’s just live like this for awhile to see if the system works.’ It works. But it’s ugly. I can’t wait to get in there and paint/clean up. That’s actually our old media stand inside the closet. Seriously. I took off the side doors and found baskets that fit inside. They house our shoes. The baskets up top store all of our mittens/hats/ and some Charlie sweaters [he’s a total sissy]. There may be some car cleaning goodies up there as well but I wouldn’t know since the cars aren’t clean either. You’re catching on aren’t you?

I have a little scarf organizer/hanger from IKEA to the left that I love. But you could just wrap them around the horizontal bar of a hanger too! And I’m sorry for the Costco sized thing of toilet paper. I have T.P. hoarding issues. I get excited every time we buy it. It’s $20 and lasts forever! And yes, it’s the scratchy kind. When you grow up with a cheap father you learn to like things like scratchy toilet paper. My future children are so lucky.

Bathroom drawer: Ok so this is just one drawer that looks half decent. We’re still determining if we like how the rest of our bathroom is organized. And in reality, until I make it over and get a new vanity, storage will be an issue. But I do love these shallow separators. I’ve found if something has a designated spot, I’m much more likely to put it back. It sounds incredibly simple but it took me awhile to get that one. I apologize for the teeth guards. I don’t play football, I’m just a chronic tooth-grinder!

Magazine clippings: I can’t find my discriminating photos [of piles of clippings] I took a few months back. I love magazines. There’s just something about them that I find irreplaceable [no matter how great Pinterest is]. So it’s no surprise that I had quite the extensive clipping selection from pre [and post] pinterest days. I had clipped them out and taped them into notebooks. I had one for food and one for home d├ęcor. It worked but it was bothersome and not very organized beyond the previously mentioned point.

Overtime I’ve been going through my clippings, searching for said image on google images. Once I find the source, I pin it. Easier said than done. It can take a few minutes to find each photo, and sometimes you don’t find the photo. If you can figure out which magazine it’s from, that helps a lot too. Also, I’ll alternate between google and bing image search engines. I find that sometimes where one lacks, the other picks up their slack.

So I’ll search for ‘red chippendale chair’ and scroll through. Google had it. Bing didn’t.


Pinterest itself can also be a great source for finding photos. Just try to keep your search to under three words or their search engine can get a little dumb.

I haven’t been able to find everything. So I still have my notebooks around but the amount of clippings [kept in a box before they go to be pinned/notebook’d] has significantly decreased. Also, for incoming magazines I try to find and pin things immediately so my stack doesn’t grow and I don’t get so backlogged. Some companies [like BHG and Country Living] will pin their stuff right as its coming out which makes life easier. I then try my hardest to get rid of said magazines. Our library has a little trading bin, but it's hard not to come home with goodies.

Photos: Oh photos, so many options! Obviously there’s the print method but as technology takes over, digital files in computers are most likely what you will find. First things first, I organize all of my photos under folders labeled by the year. Under 2012, I have subfolders labeled things like ‘get-togethers’ or ‘cats.’ It makes finding things easier and makes my ultimate organization goal easier: photo books.

Seriously. Get on this. Since I don’t print photos out nearly as often as I used to, this is a great option. You can add captions. You can create a collage. The style tastes and choices are endless. And my favorite thing is [at least with Blurb], is that your photobook will always be backed up. So if there’s some horrid house fire that burns up your computer, any USB sticks with photos, and those cute photo books, you can always re-order once you’re back on your feet. I have been itching to make instagram books as well! You can read about my feelings on blurb and my publisher here

Don’t forget ‘cloud’ or ‘dropbox’ as a third party storage system. External hard drives are also another backup system. As long as you have one you’re in the clear! I think losing my photos would be one of the hardest things to lose.

So I’m sure there are some rooms or objects that I missed out on how to organize. What do you do that works well for you and your household? Any good tips out there??

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