hallway makeover part 1

About a year ago, I made over our entry and hallway. At first, I had started with some floating shelves to create a gallery. Unfortunately, our walls were bowed and not very straight. This lead to a ton of problems with said shelves and I ended up giving them away. See how they didn't line up and weren't flush with the wall?

My next thought included bead board. Oh, bead board. But I didn’t want the trouble of cutting and measuring. Bleh. So after some hunting, I found this great Martha Stewart bead board wallpaper. I turned it on its side and went to wallpaper town with my bestie’s wallpaper expertise mother. I was in love.


A friend helped me add the ledge up top and I created a cute gallery. All was well in hallway land. Until my cats struck. I consider myself pretty good at considering the wear and tear an object would take at our house. But every now and then, unforeseen disaster strikes. Like our curtains and couch which have taken a beating [these were bought before we had kittens so little thought was given in that arena]. It may sound as though my felines are disastrous but in reality, there’s few things they’ve ruined, and the majority of it happened during kitten-hood. Now that they’re older and use most of their caloric intake on moving from one napping spot to the next, disasters are few and far in between.

But the lovely bead board wallpaper hallway did not survive. Apparently, the hallway was a great place to have their Wild West showdowns which resulted in scratches galore. I wouldn’t be lying either if I said I think some of it was just for fun and somewhat intentional. Let’s just say they’re lucky they’re cute. 

So we lived with a scratched up, depressing hallway for awhile until I could figure out something nice and affordable. I wanted something pretty simple [so the focus could be the above gallery], and white [because it’s a somewhat dark hallway]. Enter paneling. I’m very excited and can’t wait to really get started on it; I don’t think I’ll be done too soon though. But, this won’t be your usual paneling!

Check out the wallpaper demo… I also have large plans for the gallery above. It’s long overdue for an overhaul.


I'm excited to share more with you... but... I gotta go do more! Have a lovely Monday!

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