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Goals. Ack. I’ve never been a big goal setter. Well, that’s not exactly true. I love goals. I make lists for the month, week, and day. I’m a habitual list maker and it’s a sick disease with no cure [except doing what’s on there and crossing it off]. And if it wasn’t on your list but you did it, you’re going to have to add it and mark that sucker off. But when it comes to the new year, I’ve always resisted jumping in. Yes, I want to lose weight and eat better. Marking that down though at the beginning of the new year always seemed like a joke to me. Like January would magically make me tackle such goals. However, I feel as I get older that I’m actually starting to accomplish my goals and move forward and that has me excited.
So I put away my Grinch pants and made a list, my favorite thing to do. Here are my personal goals for 2013:
  1. Go to a blogger conference. I kid you not: I wrote this goal down on December 31st and on January 1st, Haven tickets went on sale. I had not been tracking it and saw it online and I couldn’t believe it. I felt like it was a message from above so I took it. It makes me nauseas and hand sweaty to think about it. I consider myself a social butterfly but throw me in with new people in a new place where I know no one, and I’m suddenly an introvert. I’m going to have to work on that.
  2. Become debt free. This is something that’s hard to share. It’s no secret that self control is not my forte. I like to eat things with cheese. I like to get drunk every now and then. And I like to run around Target after a hard day, finding treasures with a red sticker. We’ve been making steps towards this and I’m confident we can move forward with this. We may not be 100% debt free by the end of the year but I’ll take any progress.
  3. Eat better, exercise. I feel like this is a joke. Everyone says it. And the new year has me no more motivated than usual. I’m one of those jerks that wants to be fit with little effort. And I ought to know better. But we did buy a juicer and I’m very excited for its arrival. We watched ‘Sick, Fat, & Nearly Dead’ and I loved it. Here’s to tricking myself into drinking veggies.
  4. Grow blog and pretty-fy it more. I’m already in the process of this goal. If you haven’t noticed, there’s been changes to this place and there will be more. If I could be a bit more decisive, it would happen faster. Life story.
  5. Get our house closer to being “finished.” To be honest, we aren’t sure we’re going to stick around my hometown. We feel it doesn’t really fit our needs and are craving more. More options, more fun, a different attitude. We feel a bit stunted here and have for quite some time. We aren’t sure of where we will go but feel selling the house would be easier once we have some big projects finished.
  6. Purge and organize. I think this is a no brainer. But then again, you haven’t seen my office. Let’s just say I don’t work in there for a reason.
  7. Get better at styling photos. Buy more props. Create a better lighting situation for myself. There’s always room for improvement.
  8. Actually create something under the “my house” tab. It’s been way too long and I’m ashamed.

So you think I’m done? No. That’s just my personal list. I’m a sick girl. I can’t stop. Here’s our house goals for 2013:

  1. New front door. This is so sad. I’ve had a door I found at our Habitat for Humanity store about two years back. Yes, two years. It’s been in my garage since. It needs everything drilled into it like the bracket notches and door handle hole. We’re being really technical here. I bought the paint and found my hardware on sale. So now there’s really not much stopping me. But I’ll probably still hold out for some warmer temps. And there may be a handyman involved. I’m pulling the girl I’m lazy and could care less to do this myself card.
  2. Re-do the downstairs hallway. We used beadboard wallpaper with trim on top and a gallery above and I loved it. Enter my cats. Who apparently decided that their throw down fights needed to be staged there. The soft, almost foam like paper, is now scratched to pieces. It’s depressing. I've used a gift card to buy the supplies and hope to tackle it soon.
  3. Re-do the laundry room. We’ve removed the ugly shelves that were taking it over and repaired the drywall. I just have to decide what Im going to do and move on with it.
  4. Finish the kitchen. Holy paint. I have a lot to do here but I’ve ordered new hardware and that has me giddy. I think just the paint will make a huge difference.
  5. Finish bedroom. Our bed has been sitting on the floor since it was purchased. The room has been an obnoxious green. Even the dressers I bought for us annoy me and don’t work very well. There’s a lot to do in there and I’m going for a bohemian look. I hope to share some paint goodness with you Wednesday.
  6. Makeover both bathrooms for cheap-ninety-nine. Easier said than done. I’ve hated these bathrooms for a long time.
  7. Paint shutters. We’ve tested spray paint on a side window that’s hard to see. It was already a different color than all the other shutters [I have no idea why] so it was no harm. It’s been like that for over a year and it’s been fine. Picture a yellow house with green shutters- now picture it with black shutters. My heart says hubba hubba. Don’t forget about that sexy red door.
  8. Buy a new air handler. Boo. I hate spending money on something not pretty. So vain, I know.
  9. Clean out garage. Fix garage doors. Make it decent. We have a two car garage that currently houses zero cars. It’s such a shame. One seems to be dead- and it may be an easy fix. The other seems off its track. It’s just one of those things we haven’t tackled. Not to mention its become a major dumping ground. Embarrassing.
  10. Fix up the deck. There's no furniture. It's a poor staining job [done by me]. It saddens me. 
dThis is why I don't accomplish much. I make impossible lists. I can't help it. I always feel the need to add to it. Oh well! Here's to a busy 2013!


  1. Yours sound a lot like mine!

    Hopefully we can meet at Haven! I'm a bit nervous myself but crazy excited. I hope I can put on a good front and not be a big weirdo. Ha

  2. i want to gel stain our bathroom cabinets. and kitchen cabinets if it goes well. except every time i go to buy the gel stain i almost pee my pants and chicken out. why am i telling you this? it's supposedly cheap and would make a huuuuge impact in the bathroom. but i guess it's only cheap if it works and you don't end up replacing all your cabinets hahahah. oh my god. see!!

    1. I've never worked with gel stain but I've heard good things. I would just test it on one cabinet door. You can usually find identical ones or reorder one door, that way it isn't all ruined. But I'm sure it'll turn out fine. Can't wait to see the results!


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