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After almost three years, we have painted our master bedroom walls. I am pumped. I have dealt with the green. But it bored me and it just wasn't 'us.' It took me a long time to decide on a color. I finally landed on some type of turquoise or deep blue. I tested a few and wasn't feeling it. 

Please ignore any stray underwear, tissues, pet stains or any other embarrassing features you may notice. This is obviously a room that has served for its one function, nothing more. The entire upstairs is not included during tours. There's a lot of work to be had. 

No art. No fun mirrors. No nada. I have so many ideas but I'm also trying to makeover other spaces. Add that to the fact I have a very clear idea of what I want [and I want it for super cheap], and this makeover isn't going to be fast. 

So I put off the paint color search once again. Enter young house love. I had known of their guest bedroom makeover for awhile but it never occurred to me to go for so much color. I was trolling through their site one day when I fell in love with the color. I had seen it before but this time it was just different. I got a test pot and it was perfect. Drama, eat your heart out. 

This is plumage by Martha Stewart. Home Depot no longer carries her paint but they continue to keep her colors and for that, I thank them. The majority of our house colors come from her line. They're the perfect neutrals, even when they're color. If that makes any sense.

I feel like without accessories and such it's hard to get an actual idea of the color. Plus the lighting was throwing it off a bit. Here's John and Sherry's guest bedroom:



They also painted the back of their built-ins with the same color. In love. 

I have been looking for a seagrass headboard like this since we've moved in. However, I refuse to spend $500 on a headboard. Seriously. I thought about making something similar but couldn't find the seagrass or jute big enough. I've looked on craigslist and have come close, once, only to be told it was sold while I was on my way to pick it up. Damn you craigslist!

Add to the fact I want a statement mirror and new dressers/makeover current dressers... and yea. It's been a rough room for me and once again, it won't be finished tomorrow. I'll have to make a mood board so you guys can get a feel for what I'm going for. I want it to be a fun mix, like YHL's room but also a little bohemian and natural. 

I would also like to profess my new, bold, and undying love for Glidden Duo Paint and Primer. Holy buckets of awesomeness. I've never used a paint and primer duo before and this was like perfection. It spread like butter. And wow. The coverage. We painted a 13x13 room, two coats, with one gallon. No joke. I bought two, because... well because in my experience you need at least two. Our other rooms are smaller and took two gallons. I couldn't believe it. And we barely needed the second coat. There were just some areas that were a little uneven [especially the edges up top where I cut in]. Poor Oscar heard "I cant believe we haven't even finished this gallon" about thirty times. But really, I just can't believe it!

Obviously, no one is paying me to say this [but if they wanted to, they could ;]. I'm in love. I won't be going back to any other type of paint. Ever. So there you have it. Hope to move forward in that room but remember... there's design ADHD going on over here!


  1. it looks beautiful!! Definitely a bold choice of color - but a good one!

    1. thank you for your comment... I think I approved it on my way to work or something and completely forgot to respond later... So thanks! We're really happy with it. I need to shoot it during the peak of the day, and now that all the furniture is back!


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