hallway makeover- part 2

So last week I shared with you the beginning of our hallwaymakeover. It was mostly demo though! This week we moved right along. It’s not complete but we’re really happy with how it turned out. We used wall planks that are meant to create a thick bead board look. Instead, we turned them sideways and cut them at varying lengths to create a plank wall look. I love it. It turned out a bit more modern than country which surprised me, but I’m fine with that too! We obviously have to finish the trim on the sides and bottom, repair nail holes above the molding, and finish/remake the gallery wall. Until I get that done, check it out! And sorry about some rough photos... we're more functioning/productive in the evening but no natural light = poo poo photos. Boo. 


We used our new saw to cut the pieces and did fine with that. No fingers were lost [yay]! We had seven of these 8 piece packs and we literally had like two sheets leftover afterward. We used Loctite's clear power grip all purpose adhesive and were really impressed with it. We went through about 3-4 tubes I believe. You just cut your piece to size, and apply the adhesive to the back. We did four dollops on the corners since we had a few corners not want to stick, as well as some waves in the middle. Hold it up to the wall for about 10 seconds [I always did it longer just to play it safe]. Boom. Not one fell. We had to nail a few corners [probably three total] to deal with some corners that were coming up. But also consider the fact that our wall curves inward. 

We had a few hard angles that made us super nervous. This is one of those reasons that I like to think about a project for a long time before I dive in; it makes such a difference with things like these. We ended up making a template [actually, several] for the tough cuts and angles. Keep in mind this was Oscar's first time using a saw so I was biting my fingers hoping he wouldn't cut off his. I was also hoping it would work, and it did. 

Working around the outlet was another example of brainstorming at its best. 


We needed a rectangle to be cut out of the plank, so what I did was plan for the plank to end at the end of the outlet. That way, I was able to use the end as one of the sides and only have to make two cuts. We used the matchstick technique [I'm not sure if that's the legit name but that's what we call it] which basically involves cutting several long lines. We then easily broke off the little pieces and went back with a small cutter to clean everything up. I wasn't too worried about a clean cut since I knew the switch plate would cover any mess. 

Note that we also turned off the power and pulled the outlet out further. So instead of screwing it into the little box in the wall, it's screwed into the planks. I have no idea how kosher this is and I don't really recommend it. This is what we did, because I want to be honest with you. It doesn't mean it's up to code. Electricians, please move along, leave no hate mail, and pretend you didn't see that. 

We then removed the bottom molding. We didn't want the planks stacked on top and it wasn't in the best of shape anyway. We removed to side pieces that attached to it as well, since that's all that was connected to the main wall. We plan on replacing it but I really want to do something different... but then it won't match with the rest of the house. I can't decide. And I have no idea how to cut angles like that but we will have to figure it out. We should do it while our confidence is up :]



So there it is! I'm dying to give it a coat of paint and make a new gallery. I may even stain the handrail... I'm not decided yet. Also, in some of the close-ups you may notice that some gaps are larger than others. We plan on somewhat filling those but so that you can still see the crack. I hope that made sense. You'll see. Wishing this wasn't taking so long but it'll be worth it ;]

Ps. This month was the first month I participated in Foodie Pen Pals. It's basically like having a pen pal that sends you neat food every month and your pen pal changes monthly. It's really awesome and I hope to be doing it for all of 2013. Unfortunately, I was in idiot mode and completely forgot to take photos of the goodies I got from my pen-pal. Instead I took photos of what I sent, which isn't how it's supposed to go. Yup. Complete brain fart. So thank you Jiwon for some fun asian snacks! And I sent some goodies to Chase who is a great singer. You can check out his music here

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