master bedroom changes

Our master bedroom is getting ten kinds of swanky. I’m in love with the direction its going and am very confident with the materials I’ve chosen. Like our “new” old dresser.


He’s new to this house but I’ve lived with him the majority of my life. This beautiful dresser was bought by my parents forever ago and is at least 100 years old. He has dove tailed joints and brassy hardware. He even sports some sexy orange in his middle key-hole thanks to this artistic child. Let’s just say, I really wanted a key. But a crayon would do. I’m leaving him in there for the charm he adds; also I am lazy.

My parents were happy to unload him into these willing arms under the condition that I wouldn’t paint him white. They really know me! I may have to refinish him down the road to recondition him and refresh the hardware but for now he will do. The dresser adds such a ‘grown over time’ feeling and makes me seem well traveled. Now when people look at me, they think “she’s so wanderlust-y.” I’m fully aware of this.

The fun objects on top are subject to change [and they mostly will]. If I don’t switch out the tray entirely, I will at the least spray paint it. But I love trays for their corralling purposes. I’m in LOVE with the mother of pearl box my mother got me for Christmas. I stroke him and say sweet words on a daily basis. Oscar is very jealous so we must do this in secret.

The lamp. I love lamp. Name that movie. $30 at Target. One of the few things I’ve ever bought there full price [and I will so take it back when it’s on sale]. Right now I’m working on something extra special for the shade part but am having trouble finding what I need.

There may have been a mirror ordered… we shall see! Cant wait to show  you our new windows on Wednesday too as well as some goodies I picked up on my last shopping outing!

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