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Story time. One day after exiting my shower, I realized I forgot all of those important garments that go on after drying off. Normally this includes a squatted walk or a full on crawl to avoid windows. However, it was a summer day and our window was open. Lolita had been soaking up the rays but was now literally climbing the inside of our window screen [2 floors up]. In a sheer panic I raced toward the window and grabbed her. Problem was, my two neighbors and their visitor were admiring said precious kitty and they got a lot more than what they bargained for. I like to pretend that they didn’t see me. When I go to check my mail and see them across the lawn, I wave, drowning out any memory that they’ve seen me in a full-frontal. 

I have no idea what took me so long to frost our windows. It’s been almost 9 months since the horrid “accident” that left my neighbors with sight troubles and our windows were still as open as could be. Crawling on the floor in the nude gets old real quick, even when no one is there to witness it. So I finally took the frost to ‘em and really liked how they turned out. The first one didn’t go so well and had several bubbles [and a stray dog hair] that I just couldn't get rid of. So I ripped it off. Eh. Bad idea.

I was left with a sticky kind of frost. The top layer had peeled away and left everything else behind. Enter Goof Off- my new best friend. I know I’ve mentioned them twice now, but I swear I’m not being paid. It’s just a miracle worker and I’m glad the painting lady at Lowes pointed me in that direction. I just sprayed it on, waited a good few seconds, and scraped it off with this wide glass scraper. I would wipe off the excess ‘goop’ into a towel and keep going. It worked really well and I plan on touring the house with the bottle, trying it on all kinds of disasters.

With that out of the way I took another stab at it and it went a lot better. It was near impossible to take a picture at every step but it was generally easy. After I cut my piece to size [a few inches bigger than the glass in need of frosting], I picked at the corners. I did this first because it’s what gave me one of the hardest times. Once I got that, I left my fingernail in the corner so it would stay unattached. Then I sprayed the glass with the mixture that I got in the kit. Peel off the back of the frosting off as you fix it to the window. The less you move it around, the better. Then I take the little green thing and cut the edges. This is just something that you have to do once or twice to get the feeling for.

Once I had all my edges cut, I sprayed the top of the frosting with the same spray and used the smoother to go over any bubbles, pushing them to the edges. Wipe off the excess and ta-da! Mine wasn’t perfect but the only time small bubbles are noticeable is at night so it doesn’t bother me. And now I can dance around naked if I so choose!


Right now, we aren’t sure if we will add blinds. I love the amount of light that this lets in compared to when we just had crappy blinds up. I also like that this option has A LOT less nooks and crannies for dust to hide in, which is an issue for my allergies. No matter how much we cleaned the old blinds, they never seemed to get really clean. The only negative is that if I am to be naked at night, I can’t get really close to the windows or someone could see my shadow. But my dresser is on the other side so I’m in the clear. We’re really digging the light and airy look of it.

As for the curtains, I’ve been on the lookout for some for awhile. I wanted something light and airy for the room that would add another layer of traveled/whimsy. These curtains nailed it. I didn’t need anything heavy for privacy sake since I added the window frost. I found these at Pottery Barn Teen awhile ago and watched them until they went on sale. 50% off baby. It’s so hard to find pretty curtains that are decently priced, pretty, AND longer than the standard 84 inches. Having drapes that go to the ceiling has become a must for our house and it makes such a difference. So these curtains ended up being 20 per panel, plus shipping it cost me $50 total.

But I didn’t stop there. No! Although I loved their look, I wasn’t into the tie top. It was just a bit too childish for me. So I took scissors to my new pottery barn curtains. Crazy, I know. They easily snipped off. I used little curtain clips to secure them and hung them up. Okay, Oscar did most of the work. I was in charge of ‘directing.’ We’re surprised how much more they give the room a finished look. It’s really starting to come together!


We didn’t have to buy the curtain rods since I found those on clearance at Lowes about a year ago. We just got enough for the whole house since they were only $6 each. Holla! We bought the little rings/clips at Target forever ago- we just recently went there and they have something similar but smaller. Yay for master bedroom progress!!

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