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So I figured if everyone's doing something then I should probably be in on it too. And I have loved the 'hey girl' meme's that have been floating around for some time. Leave it to a few bloggers to start making their own and before you know it, it's cool. You know I couldn't resist. So indulge in this extra little post.

Doesn't he make you swoon? What? Back off. He's mine.

What's a little sad [or maybe it's good] is that he actually says things like that. Literally. He says amazing things to me all day long. He opens doors and gives you the last bite of everything. Remember, he's taken.

Check out the hilarious one's my bestie sent me to share with you guys:

And if that wasn't enough [you're so demanding gosh darn it], here's some feline 'hey mom's' for ya.

You should expect nothing less from my little feline. And we obviously need to update Charlie's head-shots for his portfolio. Who does he think he is trying to pass himself off as a puppy?! We all know you're over 12 months bucko. 

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