january 2013 instagram dump

Better late than never... here's a recap of all my insta-goodness. Can't believe January has come and gone. How are  you holding up your new year's resolutions? I'm still struggling with working out [surprise!].

For the breakdown...
1. We're continuing our annual tradition and writing down small and big milestones and memories. Now, I've traded out regular paper for colorful cards that will create a fun ombre effect. 

2. I got out of work late on one of our coldest days only to find my car wouldn't start. The perks of having two cars? I said screw it, and we went out to eat. I eventually faced my denial and found out our battery was D-E-A-D. 

3. I love these mints. I only seem to eat them during the holiday season though.

4. Our new hardware... it isn't up yet but I placed it against our freshly painted cabinets to see how it will look... I can't wait. 

6. World Market is addicting. I couldn't get enough of it! 

7. I've only been looking for tall, narrow baskets for this bookcase for over a year. Thank's TJ Maxx for the affordable find!

8. I organize my jewelry with a ceramic egg container from Anthropologie. Do you have a jewelry organization system that works for you?? 

9. We just started juicing this month and I'm absolutely addicted. It's great for picky eaters like me. You can read about our juicing basic tips here.

10. I'm officially a foodie pen pal. I hope to show more of this on the blog from now on... I kind of failed in that department this month. Basically, you send someone a goodie package of food and another person sends you one. It's exciting and a great way to try new things.

11. I went to work on a holiday [one I wasn't scheduled for]. Boo. At least I got to go home and sleep.

12. I was seriously considering those Haven tickets, especially since going to a conference was one of my new year's goals...

13. Testing out paint color for the master bedroom. Think dramatic. 

14. Someone was helping me blog. I'm such a sucker for his eyes and crying. Yes, he cries.

15. I love Target's new spring collection [at least that's what I'm calling it!]. 

1. The juicing continues. Warning: the way it makes you feel is addictive. 

2. My to do list. It never ends and I'm ok with that. At least I'm making a dent in my blog to-do arena.

3. More wall demo. It's always more fun to destroy than build ;]

4. A "snow day" as I liked to think of it. Ok, it was just a scheduled day off but since nurse's don't get snow days off, I used my imagination. 

 5. Lolita being incredibly adorable and snuggle-able.

6. Lola helping me style some pozole. Please don't tell the health inspector ;]

7. I ordered this adorable iphone cover from Etsy. I'm still waiting and it's killing me!

8. Again, pozole. Like you've never had before. 

9. My new logo sneak peek. Still waiting on the new banner and then thing's should be pretty set in stone! 

10. SurLa Table had some really cute finds. Wouldn't those napkins make great pillow covers?

11. Pier 1 had some curtain goodness going on. If only they carried more curtains in longer lengths!

12. Our bedroom paint. It's glorious. 

13. We went out to eat at a fancy schmancy restaurant with the rents. There's no point in getting filet mignon unless it's cooked to perfection. 

14. It's official. I'm going to Haven!

15. Some butterfly art to brighten your day. 

Happy February!

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