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I am so excited to share our master bedroom plans with you. Ever since we moved in I've been planning and tweaking and now I can say, I'm sure of where this room is going. I wanted a fun, relaxing, no-fuss retreat. After I saw the turn I was taking with the design in the rest of the house, I knew I wanted a more global look and we've settled on a bohemian vibe for the room. Nothing in stone. Nothing overwhelming. Just a fun mix of textures and contrasting colors.  Check it out!


1. This chair is from Pottery Barn. I'm not sure that we will go the leather route but we would like a little something something to sit down on [or throw our clothes on, instead of the floor ya know]

2. These curtains are from PBTeen. Seriously. And I already bought them. They're a fun, paisley sheer. There will be some editing done once they arrive so I'm really excited to show you that! 

3. Remember when I mentioned in a previous post how I was IN LOVE with pottery barn's seagrass headboard?? Well, at 500 buckeroo's, it wasn't going to happen. Persistence pays off because after months of searching and re-googling, I found this new headboard at Target for a mere $200 [and I can't wait to snag it on sale]!

4. I have been cyber stalking this sexy mirror from ballard designs for an eternity. It rings in for $200 plus $30 shipping [so the recent 15% sale was a joke in my opinion]. Not sure how BD sales work but I'm sitting and waiting. Ready to pounce when mr.mirror least expects it.

5. Martha Stewart's paint in plummage has already wrapped our walls and I'm oh so in love. It's a cocoon of fun and warmth! 

6. We plan on selling our piece of crap Hemnes dresser that's dark and broken and replacing it with a light armoire. The white will help balance out the white mirror and help with storage. I've been stalking craigslist to find something more antique-y than rustic-y that I can paint.

7. I'll be looking for a light glass lamp. I have a surprise for the top half but I'm not sure it will work.

8. This little guy represents a beautiful antique I inherited lately. I'll give you all the details when I show you the curtains. Let's just say I'm in love. 

9. I knew we wanted sconces that could be plugged in to free up space bedside. These sexy industrial ones have sleek lines and will pop against the walls. I can't wait to stroke them. Alas, I'm waiting for another sale but Urban Outfitters always delivers there. 

10. I'm not sure if this is "the bedding" or if I'll go for a crazier mix but I'm a sucker for those colors. They were after all our wedding colors! I've got a big space in my heart for anything ikat!

So although I still need to collect some things and wait out some sales I hope you're just as excited as me to see some progress in this area!

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