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Someone finally finished their hallway makeover! Thank goodness because I'm a bit tired of it. I mean, I love it, but I'm over it. I've moved on. Sorry plank wall, it's me, not you. You can read all about this glorious makeover from the beginning here and here. Basically, since you last saw it, we've added baseboards, side trim, and the gallery wall above [re-done]. Check it out. 

I started off with a template for the wall like so many other bloggers do. I've only done this once before. My typical method includes holding it up, tilting my head, nailing it, removing said nail and moving it a centimeter this way or that. And you know what? It works for me. This template thing? Not so much. 

First of all, the wrapping paper I used was a few inches short height wise but I thought I could fudge it a bit. Also, I forgot to mark the placement of our doorbell. So that's why you may notice things look different later. So judge me all you want but I'm not going to feel guilty about all those extra nail holes. They're hidden anyway. No one has to know, just us.

So speaking of secrets... I have something shameful to share with you. I asked Oscar to give the wall another coat of paint [and he so sweetly obliged]. But he didn't put a drop-cloth down. Don't curse him. I saw it. And I looked the other way. I thought, "it'll be fine... looks fine so far." And it did. But it didn't stay that way. I'll be hanging my head in the d-i-y halls of shame for awhile so no need to rub it in. We knew we did wrong but we repented. Can you see the splatter below? 

We used goof off wipes and for the length of this wall we used 10 of the 30 wipes. I was really impressed with how easy it was. All you did was wipe- although elbow grease was needed. I noticed for the bigger 'dots' it was best if I came back to them after I assume the chemical had soaked into it. We have engineered hardwood floors and it didn't harm them at all. Here you can see the difference: 

This was also our first time cutting trim with angles. Oh my! We're coming up in the world! We used a miter box just like this one from Lowes

Task Force 12-in Plastic Miter Box

We bought different molding from what we had originally because we plan to replace a lot around the house as we go. It can be affordable if you do a room here and there. And it doesn't bother me to death having it different because it's not a huge difference in size and the previous molding is in poor shape. 

We obviously need to finish with the putty, sanding, and painting of the trim plus caulking. I also need the corner trim on the other side but after two trips to Lowes in one day, I was done. Here she is:

In this space I need to get a new [read: white, not almond] fire detector, replace the front door, switch out overhead lights, and possibly stain the stair rail. This is why I'm hesitant to stain the stair rail:

That would be white paint from someone rubbing on the walls. Look at that glare for the belly rub-down he's getting! That part of the stairs is a major hang out spot for the cats- all out throw down's included which is why I really wonder if I should bother. And right now I'm telling myself that the light oak color ties in with the frames so we shall see. 

Here are the two before's that we started with [can you believe this is the third time we've made it over!?]. I hope it's the last time we ever have to touch it. And now:

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