the ultimate grout cleaner

Listen. This is going to sound really snobby, but I didn't want to clean my grout. I've seen pins all over about what to use. To be honest, at first I didn't ever plan on doing anything to my grout. When we moved in it was so dirty that I thought the original color was an almond. Until I found grout way in the back that was lighter. Cue grossed out shrieks! 

Ever since that moment, I've held a certain disdain for that bathroom. I stared at it everytime I used the loo [and that's a lot- TMI I'm sure]. But with bigger [and pricier] makeovers that need our attention, I didn't want to retile the bathroom. So I found this stuff [the answer to every woman's prayers]:

So put away that scrub brush and ride the lazy train! I think this pen was $7 and I got it in the tile/grout/sealant section of my Lowes. That little pen was enough to do our entire bathroom in TWO coats! I was happy when it was enough for one coat but the two coats really impressed me- and there's still more in there so I'm going to be touching up as I find spots that need it.

We also bought this guy:

I wasn't too impressed with this sucker. If I remember correctly, he cost about the same as the pen but it was an absolute mess. I even tried pouring it into a condiment container and squeezing it out, but it still was so non-user-friendly. If you want to paint your grout, the pen is by far the way to go. They also had almond as a choice, for any almond-lovers out there. Go get it now while I'm not judging you. Oh who am I kidding, I already did.

Here you can see the grout before. The next two if you look closely you can see a mix of one coat vs. two coats of the grout paint.

At first, I was so worried that it was too-jarring-white. In your face, eminem style white [sorry Sherry]. But my eyes adjusted over time- I was just too used to my grody floors. So sad.

If this doesn't make your day, I dont know what will. I feel like I cheated, but I don't feel guilty at all. Score one for me. All I have to do is repaint the bottom molding and use caulk for the bottom edges where you can see its still darker. But other than that, I'm calling this bathroom done-zo.


  1. OMG! my prayers have been answered. I am going to purchase this tomorrow morning. Thank you so much.


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