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A few things... This week I was totally expecting to roll out a new look I've been working towards for awhile. You've seen some small changes but now I'm waiting on my header and there's been a little delay. So please, bear with me a little longer until this blog is cohesive [it's driving me nuts]. It will all make sense in the end! But I couldn't wait any longer to announce that I am now offering consultations for room makeovers. I'm really excited!!!

So excited that I'm going to give one away. Who doesn't like a little free design?? In the meantime I'll be adding another tab to my navigation bar with some examples of past work. I plan on my mood boards and such becoming more standard in their general set up/appearance so expect more uniformity in that area. But enough jib-jab. On to the free stuff! 

I'll be using rafflecopter to make a random selection... the more you do, the more entries you get. The giveaway ends Thursday and is good for one room. You can read more about how the design process goes by clicking on the consultation tab up top. I sound so smart don't I? And just to be upfront: I have no design degree. But I'm sure if HGTV handed them out, I'd be on the list. I mean, I did watch them from the ripe age of 11. Like, continuously with breaks for showering [on good days]. Seriously though, this is something I love and have fun doing. I'd love to spread the design love so enter below and tell all your friends about it! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway Here are a few random past examples of mood boards I've created but keep in mind there's much more written detail on top of these pretty photos! 

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