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You may remember me saying how things were coming along in the bedroom. Err. Wait. You remember that sexy mood board I made for our bedroom inspiration? 

Well, welcome our newest addition to the family. Senor Atoll who hails from the land of Ballard Designs. I got him on sale [a mere 15% that basically took care of shipping] so in the end I paid about $190. Way more than what I would like to spend but I was head over heels in love with the shape [that I couldn't find anywhere else] and it's a very large mirror- which usually are pricey. 

I love it. It fits the space perfectly and the white pops off the walls. I feel like it really helps with the whole 'bohemian vibe' I'm going for. I have to say, although it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, I'm very happy with it. For one, I thought it was much more of a solid white and lacquer. In reality, there are flecks of gray [?] that come out under the white and the finish is much more flat. I may change it in the future but for now, it's really only noticeable when you're up close and personal. The white plus the mirror really helps bounce light around with such a dark room. 


On top of that, you may notice a little lamp shade. He isn't quite what I wanted. I was stalking on instagram awhile back and saw that Making it Lovely found brass lampshades at a flea market. 

I was in love. I've been on a new gold kick lately which I find mind blowing since I hated it growing up. But now, I'm all in. Anyways, I looked EVERYWHERE. And if I did find anything remotely close, it wasn't in a drum shape or it cost > $200. So I concocted the idea of spray painting a paper shade. Well those are hard to come by as well and I ended up settling for a fabricy one. It's okay. It's not 'it' for me and will probably be changed in the future but for now it gives the splash of gold I wanted and a finished look. 

I may also fill that sucker up with goodies but for now I'm enjoying the light and airy feel it gives to the space. Right now I'm just enjoying the transformation from this...

to this...

I would say the room is 40% complete. Maybe. We still need: a new headboard [or just one at all], two bedside sconces, bedding, an armoire or tall dresser for Oscar, and a chair for the corner. And that's not even talking about art [which my mind is already working on]. Sheesh. Nevermind. I'll just stare at this corner and blur my peripherals and pretend it's all done ;]

P.S. Congratulations goes out to Jessica Gourley for winning the design makeover! I was surprised when her name was drawn since we've already met [in the internet world] and will be rooming together for the Haven Conference. So excited to start! 

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